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What is automotive connectors?
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  • Automobile connector is a kind of component that electronic engineers and technicians often contact. Its function is very simple: build a communication bridge between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so as to make the current flow and realize the predetermined function of the circuit. The form and structure of automobile connector are ever-changing. It is mainly composed of four basic structural components: contact, shell (depending on the variety), insulator and accessories. In the industry, it is usually called sheath, connector and plastic shell.

    Automotive connectors technology trends.

    The "miniaturization", "high-speed mobility" and intellectualization of connector products are the future development trend. The future technological innovation of the industry mainly focuses on the following directions:

    Miniaturized development
    Miniaturization development technology of connector

    This technology is mainly developed for the trend of connector miniaturization, and can be applied to micro connectors below 0.3mm. It is a new variety of Mini USB series products. It can be used for multi contact expansion card slot connector, which can meet and exceed the strict requirements of multi contact surface adhesion technology for coplanar contact, with high accuracy and low cost.

    Wireless transmission
    High frequency and high speed wireless transmission connector technology

    This technology is mainly used for a variety of wireless device communication applications, and has a wide range of applications.

    Research on Simulation Application Technology

    Simulation technology is based on various disciplines and theories, takes computer and its corresponding software such as AutoCAD and Pro / E program stress analysis software as tools, and simulates, analyzes and confirms its mechanical, electrical, high-frequency and other properties by establishing product models and corresponding boundary conditions, so as to reduce the cost of product development failure caused by factors such as unreasonable material selection and structure, Improve the success rate of development and help to provide support for products to realize complex system applications.

    4. Connector Intelligent Technology

    At present, this technology is mainly used in DC series power connector products. It can detect the intelligent signal before transmitting the power supply, so as to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes are connected and start the power supply after the plug is inserted in place, which can avoid the adverse consequences of arc injury and machine burning caused by the contact when the plug is not inserted in place. In the future, enterprises need to develop similar intelligent technologies for other products.

  • Precision connector technology

    Precision connector involves many links such as product design, process technology and quality control technology. The main technologies include the following aspects:

    (1) Precision mold processing technology: adopt CAD, cam and other technologies, introduce high-precision processing equipment in the industry, and use personnel production experience and advanced equipment and technical means to realize high-precision and high-quality mold products.

    (2) Precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: realize the precision, efficient and stable all-round control and perfect surface quality of all kinds of stamping and injection molding parts to ensure product quality.

    (3) Automatic assembly technology: through the application of precision control technology and semi-automatic testing machine technology, overcome the difficult problem of manual operation of precision products and improve the core competitiveness.

    Research on manufacturing technology

    The competitiveness of products depends on the level of manufacturing technology to a certain extent. Continuous development of new manufacturing technology and improvement of existing production and processing technology can greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance ability of products.

    (1) Fine manufacturing process: this process is mainly aimed at technologies such as small spacing and thin thickness. Some enterprises have conducted process research on connectors with spacing less than 0.4mm. This kind of technology can ensure that the company can reach the advanced level of the international industry in the field of ultra-fine manufacturing.

    (2) Integrated development technology of light source signal and electromechanical structure: this technology can be applied to the audio connector embedded in electronic components. By adding IC, led and other electronic components to the audio connector, the audio connector has the function of transmitting analog signals and digital signals at the same time, so as to break the current design of conducting transmission by mechanical contact of audio connector.

    (3) Low temperature and low pressure forming technology: the sealing and physicochemical properties of hot-melt materials are used to achieve the effects of insulation and temperature resistance. After packaging, the wire rod protects the welding point from external force. Moreover, the packaging of DC connector body and wire rod has the effects of insulation, temperature resistance and impact resistance, so as to ensure the quality and reliability of products, In the future, it will be continuously developed and applied in different products.

    Selection principle of automotive connectors

    1) Electrical factors
    Current requirements: high current, low current, signal level; Determines the type of terminal / size of contact section / electroplating (0.64mm to 8.0mm pin and male terminal); Steady state, cycle, transient

    Requirements for wire diameter / insulation layer: voltage drop and / or corrosion resistance; Determines the center distance of the connector

    2) Location / environment
    Temperature: engine compartment - sealed, ambient temperature > 105oC, vibration, fluid compatibility; Passenger compartment - unsealed, ambient temperature < 85oc, mainly due to the important factor of size

    Sealing: potential high-pressure jet / splash; Potential immersion; Humidity; Fluid type; For equipment connectors, is the equipment sealed

    3) Standard
    Standard: customer standard; Institutional standards; Domestic standards; international standard

    Connector performance test requirements: included in system level specifications; For general motors, Ford and Chrysler, the uscar specification » engine has relatively high vibration requirements for relevant applications; Other vehicle manufacturers generally have their own standards (similar to uscar); Trend: equipment suppliers are responsible for the performance of mating connectors » equipment accounts for half of the connector interface fitted by the board » equipment suppliers are required to have a good exchange of information on mating terminals

    4) Customer preference
    Terminal type
    Design features

    Preferred product strategy: procurement led - need to reduce the cost of connector system; Decide through design competition; Specific applications: Ford - door connector design competition; Ford: prefer terminal design / supplier (focus on contact interface); General: prefer terminal design (focus on the hole position of the connector); Chrysler: Strategy of preferring terminal / plastic parts suppliers

    5) Regional preference
    North America: uscar drawing / performance / design standard » tangless terminal, TPA's, CPA regulations; In many cases, the harness supplier has a very important influence
    Europe: the design of terminal contact has a great impact / developed together with major vehicle manufacturers; Preference for two-piece terminals, even if the pressure of cost and North American transplantation business force vehicle manufacturers to consider North American technology; Accept tangled terminals. " Cloning is very common; the long-term relationship between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers
    Asia: traditionally influenced by Toyota. Long term relationship with Yazaki and Sumitomo; The key lies in good quality and trusted relationship; Great attention is paid to the assembly ability (Ergonomics) affecting the quality assurance;
    North America affects China and changes the status quo. Low cost solutions are the focus.

    6) Physical factors
    size; Number of circuits; Matching position; Harness connection or equipment connection; Main features of machinery: lever, bolt; Manual docking capability; Multi type connectors for high input / output applications; Drawing requirements

    7) Assemble

    Harnesses: insertion force of connectors
    Visual, audible and tactile operator feedback

    High speed manual operation

    Reliable guarantee of quality and performance; Implement online test / after work process; TPA’s, CPA’s; Maintainability; Reduce the number of parts (phased preference)


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