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What is gas flow sensor
  • Ultrasonic gas flow sensor have the advantages of high measurement accuracy, large turndown ratio, and small pressure loss, and have been approved by government agencies in many countries as a legal measurement tool for natural gas trade settlement. Different from the ultrasonic liquid flowmeter , the ultrasonic signal in the ultrasonic gas flowmeter is attenuated greatly during the transmission of the gas medium, and the operating frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is generally between 40 and 200kHz. This frequency range is very susceptible to acoustic noise interference.

    As a result, the signal-to-noise ratio of ultrasonic receiving signals is low, and it is difficult to accurately measure the transit time. Usually, increasing the pressure of the gas to be measured in the pipeline can improve the quality of the ultrasonic signal received. Therefore, the ultrasonic gas flowmeters currently on the market are mainly used for natural gas flow measurement.

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