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What is piezo buzzer?
  • Piezoelectric buzzer is a kind of sound generator with piezoelectric ceramic as electroacoustic transducer . The core of this device is the energy exchange part pasted on the metal sheet with piezoelectric ceramic sheet, that is, piezoelectric buzzer sheet. Piezo electronic buzzer has attracted much attention and developed very rapidly due to its characteristics of no RF noise and low power consumption.

    In simplest terms, a piezo buzzer is a type of electronic device that’s used to produce a tone, alarm or sound. It’s lightweight with a simple construction, and it’s typically a low-cost product. Yet at the same time, depending on the piezo ceramic buzzer specifications, it’s also reliable and can be constructed in a wide range of sizes that work across varying frequencies to produce different sound outputs.
    Piezo buzzer is an electronic component that can emit a continuous beep, typically used in alarm systems, electronic devices, and other applications

    Compared with other buzzers, the electronic piezo buzzer sold by FBelec has the following advantages:
    1. Because there is no movable contact part, it has long service life and high reliability. It can be used continuously for more than 10000 hours. It is a semi permanent device
    2. No arcing or RF noise, no interference to other lines
    3. It will not cause large vibration due to looseness
    4. Controlled by electronic circuit, it can produce a variety of pleasant sounds, analog sounds and intermittent sounds. The timbre is pure and not easily covered by noise
    5. It is excited by voltage, so the consumption current is small, generally less than 20mA and not more than 100mA
    6. Small and loud. The volume can reach 70 dB / 20cm, while the element thickness is only less than 1mm
    7. Wide operating temperature range
    8. It is easy to install and has no electromagnetic coil and moving coil. There is no need to worry about insulation deterioration and there is no possibility of leakage.

  • What is the application of FBelec piezoelectric buzzers?
    Fbelec's piezoelectric sounder buzzer actually has three commercial forms, namely piezo sounder buzzer complex, piezoelectric buzzer sounder and piezo buzzer, to meet the different needs of the market. No matter what form, its use is inseparable from alarm, judgment and notification. The piezoelectric buzzer for alarm is used for fire, smoke concentration, air leakage, anti-theft and automobile alarm. The piezoelectric buzzer for notification is used as notification in fish detection machines, instruments, medical equipment, vending machines, washing machines, electric furnaces, etc., which is more favorable than light indication. In addition, the piezoelectric sounder buzzer with analog sound and compound sound can also be used in toys, video games, etc.

  • The structure of the piezo buzzer

    The piezoelectric buzzer is made of a piezoelectric ceramic material, and its core part is a piezoelectric ceramic plate. Ceramic sheets are usually thin circular objects with good piezoelectric effects. In addition to ceramic sheets, the buzzer also includes a metal cover plate and electrode sheets.

    The working principle of the piezo buzzer

    The working principle of a buzzer mainly depends on its type, which is mainly divided into electromagnetic and piezoelectric types.

    The working principle of an electromagnetic buzzer is that the electromagnetic coil and magnet vibrate periodically to produce sound. Specifically, after the power is turned on, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil, causing the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field. The vibrating diaphragm periodically vibrates and produces sound under the interaction between the electromagnetic coil and the magnet.

    The working principle of a piezoelectric buzzer is to apply a voltage to both ends of the piezoelectric material and metal sheet. Due to the reverse piezoelectric effect, the buzzer sheet will undergo mechanical deformation and produce sound.

  • How to Use Piezoelectric Buzzers

    The use of the piezo ceramic buzzer was discovered thanks to an inversion of the piezoelectricity principle that was discovered by Jacques and Pierre Curie back in 1880. They found that electricity could be generated when a mechanical pressure was applied to particular materials — and the inverse was true as well.

    So when certain piezoelectric materials are subjected to an alternating field of electricity, the piezo buzzer element — often a manmade piezoceramic material — stretches and compresses in sequence with the frequency of the current. As a result, it produces an audible sound.

    Unlike magnetic buzzers that have a narrow operating voltage of somewhere between one and 16 volts, piezo buzzers can typically operate anywhere between three and 250 volts. In addition, magnetic buzzers have a higher power consumption of 30 to 100 milliamperes, while piezo buzzers normally consume less than 30 milliamperes — even at higher rate frequencies. And although piezo buzzers require a larger footprint than magnetic buzzers, they produce a higher sound pressure level.

  • Applications of a Piezo Buzzer

    Thanks to both the reliability and flexibility of piezoelectric vibration plates to produce audible signals — ranging from monotone buzzes and alarms to multi-tones and melodies — their applications in small, high-density assemblies are wide-ranging. What’s more: Their low power consumption makes them ideal for many battery-operated devices.

    With such characteristics, piezo buzzers are regularly used in alarms, warning devices and automobile alerts. In addition, since they can produce a wide range of audible signals, they’re also used in pest deterrent devices. And in the consumer electronics field, some of their most popular applications include sound generators in computers, telephones, toys and games — to name just a few.


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