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Why Selfie Ring Light are so popular?
  • It is very simple to use: put the beauty light in front of the anchor, and clip the phone to the middle of the light circle to shoot. The effect taken in this way is usually evenly exposed and has less dark areas of shadow, which is very popular with Internet celebrity anchors! In addition, the beauty lamp can also create a unique ring-shaped eye light, just like wearing a color contact lens, which obviously makes the eyes look more aura, especially when taking selfie short videos and close-ups of the face. However, the role of the beauty light is not only these, this special specification and shape of the beauty light, compared with ordinary photography lights, there are many other uses - although it may not be its design use, but it is equally easy to use .

  • 1. As the main light for photography.

    The selfie ring light can generally be placed directly in front of the behavior subject to bring about a uniform light effect without dead ends, but at the same time it can be placed in other places as an ordinary photographic light and the actual effect is not bad. Because of its "hollow", you'll need to place it a little further away, crank up the light, and tilt the beauty light toward the actor. You can also use other objects to mask the light, control its reach, or add shadows. The unique shape of the beauty light makes it a photography light with its own softbox. Maybe you need to adjust some basic parameters (color temperature, brightness, angle, etc.) in the process of use, but its light effect is much better than that of general photography lights.

    2. As a supplementary light source.

    In addition to being the common main light source, the beauty light can also be used as a supplementary light source, mixed with other photographic lights, flashes and other photographic light sources. The beauty lamp is used as a supplementary light source, and the supplementary light effect is also very good. Compared with other supplementary light sources, the supplemental light effect of the beauty light will be softer - just like the light effect of ordinary light sources installed in a large softbox. It is worth mentioning that the beauty light itself has its own color temperature adjustment function. If you want to change the fill color, you can adjust the color of the light according to the actual situation.

  • 3. As photography props.

    Generally, the beauty lamp does not heat up after being powered on. It can be used as a prop for portrait photography to make your photos more vibrant and interesting. Let your streamer play with the beauty light and take some fun photos. This will not only get some interesting photos, but also help to liven up the atmosphere, ease the tension of the anchor during the shooting, and be more beneficial to the next shooting. Ring beauty lights of different sizes have different props to play, please open your imagination.

    4. As a composition tool.

    When the beauty lamp is turned on, it is a bright ring . It has the characteristics of attracting the attention of the public and is also very beautiful. It can be used as a tool for framed composition. You can also put it behind the anchor to form a beautiful halo, so the effect is like a fairy coming down to earth and it is absolutely eye-catching!

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