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  • Welcome to FBelec , the leading safety workwear manufacturer and PPE supplier dedicated to protecting your workforce. We specialize in custom-designed safety coveralls, flame retardant garments, and a wide range of workwear solutions, serving industries worldwide with unparalleled commitment to quality and safety.
  • Tailored Workwear Solutions to Secure Industry Projects

    At FBelec, we understand the unique demands of industrial safety. Our extensive services encompass custom work jackets, durable work suits, and specialized safety jackets, all designed to meet the rigorous standards of your field. Partner with us, and leverage our expertise in customs clearances, logistics management, and trade assistance to navigate the complexities of global supply chains and secure your industry projects with confidence.

    Direct Manufacturing of High-Quality Safety Coveralls and Work Clothes

    Our direct manufacturing capabilities set us apart as your true partner in workwear production. FBelec offers a comprehensive range of products, including comfortable cotton coveralls, functional work shirts, robust work pants, protective raincoats, and medical scrubs. Each garment is crafted to ensure maximum protection and comfort for your employees.

    Winning Strategies for Clothing Project Tenders

    Our expertise extends beyond manufacturing. We are your strategic ally in securing PPE tenders, offering a trader service that sources various safety products to fulfill your project requirements seamlessly. Trust us to be the cornerstone of your tender-winning strategy with our diverse range of PPE items.

    Connect with FBelec Today

    Elevate your company's safety standards with FBelec's tailored workwear solutions. Get in touch with our consultants and start your journey towards winning industry projects with top-quality safety apparel. Contact us now and let us be part of your success story .

  • Fabric Selection and Customization

    Quality begins with the right materials. We procure premium fabrics tailored to each client's specifications, ensuring every garment meets your high standards. Our trusted fabric suppliers are given the precise requirements for each order, with a production window of 15-20 days to deliver top-tier fabric quality.

    Precision Dyeing for Perfect Color Matching

    Our commitment to your brand image includes exact color matching for your workwear. As we do not stock every fabric color, each order's materials are dyed to perfection, aligning with your corporate colors and ensuring consistency across your workforce's attire. This meticulous dyeing process takes approximately 10-15 days.

    Mass Production with Attention to Detail

    Once materials are prepared, we embark on mass production. We meticulously craft each garment, whether it's based on your provided photos, real samples, or custom designs. Our production timeline is efficient yet thorough, with an average turnaround of 10-15 days.

    Quality Control and Delivery

    Excellence is our standard. Our quality control (QC) team meticulously inspects each item post-production, ensuring every work garment adheres to your expectations and our quality benchmarks. After careful packaging, we organize shipping to deliver your order promptly to the nearest port, ready for distribution.


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