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LIR1220 rechargeable button battery 3.6V voltage medical device battery LIR1025 battery



Standard Voltage:


Net Weight:


Nominal Capacity:


  • LIR1220
  • Button battery introduction: Button cell are widely used in various micro electronic products because of their small size, with diameters ranging from 4.8mm to 30mm and thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 7.7mm; It is generally used for backup power supply of various electronic products, such as computer motherboard, electronic watch, electronic dictionary, electronic scale, remote control, electric toys, cardiac pacemaker, electronic hearing aid, counter, camera, etc. Coin & Button Cell are also divided into chemical batteries and physical batteries, of which chemical batteries are the most widely used. They are composed of anode (positive electrode), cathode (negative electrode) and electrolyte. Button cell, also known as oin cell lithium batteries, refers to a battery with an overall dimension like a small button. Generally speaking, it has a larger diameter and thinner thickness (compared with columnar battery, such as No. 5 AA battery on the market). Button batteries are classified according to their appearance. The same corresponding batteries include cylindrical batteries, square batteries and special-shaped batteries.


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