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29mm 0.25w small toy speaker

Mylar Speaker FBF29-1
Size: 29mm x 9.4mm   

Description: 29mm 0.25w small toy speaker   

Voice Coil Imp: 8ohm   

Sound Pressure Level: 86dB   

Resonat Frequency: 840Hz   

Frequeney Range: fo-20000 Hz   

Noise Power: 0.25w   

Magnet Size and Assembly: 16mm Ferrite   

29mm 0.25w small toy speaker
  • FBF29-1
  • Toy speakers, also known as "Mini Toy Speaker", are a very commonly used electro-acoustic transducer. Toy speakers are mainly used in the series of sound-emitting toys. For the sound-emitting effect of toys, it is one of the most important components.

    The parameters of the toy speaker refer to the specific performance parameters of the speaker tested by the special speaker test system. The commonly used parameters mainly include: Z, Fo, η0, SPL, Qts, Qms, Qes, Vas, Mms, Cms, Sd, BL, Xmax, Gap gauss. That is, the resistance value of the speaker, DC impedance, minimum resonance frequency, sound pressure level, decibel, the total quality factor value of the speaker, etc.


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