Development of new energy charging industry
  • Under the background of global resource conservation and green economy development, new energy vehicles are developing rapidly. As the power guarantee of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations , charging piles are highly concerned by the government and the industry. With the gradual maturity of the entire new energy vehicle industry chain and the gradual release of market demand, in 2021, the structural supply of charging infrastructure to cities will be significantly improved in the design of supporting facilities for new energy products in the industry. However, in order to truly achieve a green economy, the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging piles should cover rural areas.

  • Driven by the rapid development of Mobile EV Charging Stations and strongly supported by national policies, the domestic charging pile industry has developed rapidly, and the infrastructure such as charging piles has been rapidly popularized. The charging pile market has presented an unprecedented prosperity. The strong demand in the charging pile market also provides a good development opportunity for industrial design companies. In this context, more and more industrial design companies have entered the charging pile industry, providing high-quality charging pile design services for charging pile enterprises, helping enterprises to create products more in line with the market and user needs from the perspective of industrial design, improving the market competitiveness of enterprises and winning market opportunities. More and more excellent charging pile products have emerged in the market.

  • FBele , as a design integrated manufacturing service provider with international foresight, cutting-edge innovation ideas and manufacturing as the support, focuses on the whole industrial chain design innovation service of new energy charging pile/gun , has an excellent design team, rich design experience and numerous successful cases, and can provide one-stop design and R&D services from appearance design, structural design, electronic R&D to prototype production; It can also provide production and manufacturing services such as mold opening and injection molding, product structure production, assembly, testing, quality control, etc., which can realize mass production of charging piles/guns.

  • During the production of charging pile/gun, we fully studied the series of national standards such as GBT 20234 – 2011, and fully considered the height of the installation position, stress points, etc. according to customer needs. The design of the handle conforms to ergonomics, making the product more convenient and easy to operate; In terms of waterproof grade, full consideration shall be given to the safety of outdoor electricity, and the design shall be carried out in strict accordance with the national standard protection grade; In terms of material selection, it shall be resistant to high temperature, low temperature, rolling, and discoloration after 10 years of outdoor use; The unique and innovative appearance design fully considers the hand feel, dynamic lines and fashionable color matching, which makes the cold industrial products more humanized and makes the user operate more conveniently and labor-saving.

  • We are committed to providing customers with innovative and high-quality industrial design supporting services, providing customers with professional new energy charging pile/gun design innovation services, giving the equipment a unique and image, maximizing the use comfort of products, helping customers build brands and improve sales.

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