Difference between Mylar speaker and active buzzer and passive buzzer
  • 1. Buzzers generally have high resistance, infinite DC resistance, and high AC impedance. They are equipped with sound generating devices and are usually made of piezoelectric ceramic plates. They require a large voltage to drive, but the current is very small, only a few mA is enough, and the power is also very small.

    The active buzzer has an internal oscillation and driving circuit, which can be activated by adding power. The advantage is that it is easy to use, but the disadvantage is that the frequency is fixed, only one single tone.

    Passive buzzers, like speakers, require alternating audio voltage to produce sound, and can also produce sounds of different frequencies. However, the sound of a buzzer is not pleasant to hear, so it is often accompanied by a square wave instead of a sine wave.

  • 2. The mylar speaker has a low resistance, with a DC resistance of almost 0, and an AC impedance of usually a few to ten ohms. It is a broadband sound device that typically uses the electromagnetic force of the coil to push the diaphragm to produce sound.

    Buzzer: Utilizes the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic sheets to produce sound, with infinite DC resistance and high AC impedance.

    Mylar speaker: A typical coil in a permanent magnetic field drives the paper bowl to vibrate and produce sound, with a DC resistance of almost 0 and an AC impedance of several to ten ohms.

    Buzzer: It requires a large voltage to drive, but the current is very small, just a few mA is enough, and the power is also very small.

    Mylar speaker: It requires a large amount of current to drive, but the voltage is not very high, and the power can be very high.

    Buzzer: The frequency characteristic is very poor, not to mention the sound quality, it can only sound.

    Mylar speaker: You can pay attention to sound quality.

    The main difference between active and passive buzzers is that the fundamental difference between active and passive buzzers is that the product has different requirements for input signals; The ideal signal for active buzzer operation is direct current, usually labeled as VDC, VDD, etc.

    Because there is a simple oscillation circuit inside the buzzer, which can convert a constant direct current into a pulse signal of a certain frequency, and generate alternating magnetic fields from the surface, driving the molybdenum plate to vibrate and sound. However, in some active buzzers, they can also work under specific AC signals, but have high requirements for the voltage and frequency of the AC signal, which is generally not used.

    Passive buzzers, on the other hand, do not have internal driving circuits. Some companies and factories refer to them as beepers, while in national standards, they are referred to as sounders.

    The ideal signal square wave for passive buzzer operation is that if a pre DC signal is given, the buzzer will not respond because the magnetic circuit is constant and the molybdenum plate cannot vibrate and pronounce.

    In the example, the driving method is given as AC drive (PWM output) control, and the frequency is selected as 5kHz.

    When using a buzzer in practice, distinguish whether it is an active or passive buzzer, electromagnetic or piezoelectric.

    For the latter, their difference is:

    Electromagnetic passive buzzing belongs to inductive load devices, and the ideal input is a forward square wave, usually referred to as VO-P.

    Piezoelectric passive buzzing belongs to capacitive load devices, and the ideal input is a bidirectional square wave, usually referred to as VP-P.

    But if the IC is a inverter 4049, it is also ideal to connect the input and output of a non gate to a buzzer.

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