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Dip switches: Make your electronic equipment more intelligent
  • With the rapid development of science and technology, modern electronic equipment is becoming more and more intelligent. The degree of intelligent of electronic equipment has become an important criterion for measuring the quality of products. To become more intelligent, Dip switches is indispensable.

  • As a small, convenient and easy-to-control electronic component, Dip switches have been used in a wide variety of applications for several decades. They have even found new uses in IoT devices as a quick way to preconfigure or reprogram a device prior to its implementation in a smart home or factory, thus limiting downtime. Some of the most common applications for DIP switches are as follows:

    l Programming garage door openers

    l Programming remote controls

    l Configuration of options on PC expansion cards or motherboards

    l Adding new items to an IoT network through easy user configuration

    l Checking the configuration of industrial equipment without the need to power up the equipment

    l Arcade machines

    l Measurement and test devices

    Because of its wide application, the prospect of dip switches is widely optimistic at present.

    According to data from business research, the global dip switches market size was usd400.1 million in 2021 and is projected to touch USD502.9 million by 2028, exhibiing a CAGR of 3.3% during the forecast period. And data from market research firm Technavio shows that between 2019 and 2023, the application field market of dip switches would be projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5-6% per year, including global market of computer motherboard, automotive Electronics System and Telephone Switching Equipment.

    GIGABYTE, is a manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware, with principal business in motherboards. It shipped 4.8 million motherboards in the first quarter of 2015, which allowed it to become the leading motherboard vendor. Gigabyte designs and manufactures motherboards for both AMD and Intel platforms, and also produces graphics cards and notebooks in partnership with AMD and Nvidia, including Nvidia's Turing chipsets and AMD's Vega and Polaris chipsets. Gigabyte's components are used by Alienware, Falcon Northwest, CybertronPC, Origin PC, and exclusively in Technology Direct desktops. In their motherboard, DIP switches are widely used in its motherboards to configure BIOS settings and CMOS settings, for examples, in its H370M DS3H motherboard, an 8-position dip switch is used to set functions such as CMOS clear and power button.

  • All the various DIP switch configurations perform essentially the same function as one another, but because of difference of the form factor and exact method of toggling between on/off positions, dip switches come in a variety of types, including slide actuators, piano actuators, rotary actuators, and more.

    A DIP switch is a dual in-line package switch, meaning that it consists of a series of switches in a single unit. It is an electromechanical device requiring a user to manually move the actuator so that a different electronic circuit is activated or deactivated. Commonly mounted on a PCB or breadboard, DIP switches allow users to quickly preconfigure or toggle an electronic device between a variety of settings or operating modes. Dip switches in motherboard set up the function through moving the actuators.

  • The dip switch application has a long history. DIP switches were used extensively in ISA architecture of PC expansion cards to select IRQs and memory addresses. Before the advent of cheaper, battery-backed RAM, DIP switches were also often used on arcade games in the 1980s and early 1990s to enter game settings such as difficulty or the number of credits per coin. DIP switches were very commonly used to set security codes on garage door openers as well as on some early cordless phones. This design, which used up to 12 switches in a group, was used to avoid RF interference from other nearby door opener remotes or other devices. Current garage door openers use rolling code systems for better security.

    These types of switches were used on early video cards for early computers to facilitate compatibility with other video standards. For example, CGA cards allowed for MDA compatibility.

    DIP switches are also used in some remote controls to prevent interference; for example, to control a ceiling fan (and its light fixture) that was retrofitted to a single-circuit junction box. The DIP switches set a different radio frequency or address for each transmitter/receiver pair, so that multiple units can be installed without unintentionally controlling each other.

    Slide DIP switches are standard toggle switches. Each switch has two positions - either closed or open (also on/off or 1/0) and therefore operates as an SPST switch. There are also three-position slide DIP switches with a central neutral location and a contact at each end, typically configured as on/off/on. Any DIP switch can be configured as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). Normally open switches complete the circuit when actuated, while normally closed switches break the circuit when actuated. Piano DIP switches are similar to slide DIP switches. However, instead of lying horizontal, with a forward and backward motion to move the actuator, piano DIP switches are vertical, requiring an up and down action. Slide DIP switches, rocker DIP switches and piano DIP switches are really just variations on the second main type of DIP switch, namely the more traditional toggle switch. The number of individual switches on a single DIP switch module can vary from one or two through to 16 or more, and the number of positions advertised for a particular module will correspond to the number of individual switches it houses. Mechanical dip switches typically provides at least 5000 operations, long lifetime and easy usage lead to be popular.

    There are many dip switches in the market, OMRON, CUI SWITCH, E-SWITCH, FBELEC , etc. As one of best electronic component manufacturer and distributor in China, FBELEC established in 1997, supplies dip switches for various field, including fields mentioned above. To keep best quality and prices, FBELEC has many advanced professional equipment including placement machines, electroplating equipment, spring machines, etc, and fully automated production line, providing best services to customers all over the world.


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