Electronic Transducer Piezo Ceramics Sphere for Acoustic Hydrophones
  • FBelec is a manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramics and ultrasonic transducers, backed by strong technological capabilities. With a robust quality management system and a dedicated research and development department, our products are widely utilized in various applications.
  • Acoustic underwater communication systems are essential for real-time data collection from seafloor or mooring sensor platforms. Underwater ultrasonic wave measurement devices (sonar) are primarily used for navigation. These devices emit ultrasonic pulses into the sea, detect the reflected waves from target objects, and use this information to determine the presence, distance, and direction of the objects, functioning similarly to radar. Piezoelectric ceramics used in underwater acoustic transducers serve as both transmitters and receivers. They utilize distance and directional data for communication, marine research, undersea mapping, and navigation.
    Available designs include hemisphere, bowl, segment, tube, and block shapes.

    Custom Piezoelectric Ceramic Hemisphere

    Piezo Sphere shape of various hemisphere and focal bowl sizes in more than 10 available PZT piezo material formulations according to high sensitive, temperatures etc applications.

    Applications includes

    underwater acoustic sensors

    Ultrasonic detection

    Ultrasonic position

    Ultrasonic Photonic


    Sizes from 6mm up to 160mm
    Thickness from 1mm up to 10mm

    Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)

    Wide choice of PZT formulations

    Piezoelectric Ceramic Material: PZT-5 PZT-4

  • Piezoceramic Spheres can call as: Piezoceramic Ball / Hemisphere, Piezoelectric ceramics components, Piezoelectric ceramic hemisphere, piezoelectric spherical, piezoelectric ceramic hollow spheres. if you need more technical parameter, please contact FBelec engineer team.


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