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  • FBelec with 25 years of core technology innovation experience in ultrasonic industry, professional technical team and secret raw material formula Each process is carefully controlled to ensure better durability of piezoelectric ceramics .

    > Full range of size from 10mm,25mm,50mm,60mm.etc.

    > High quality PZT4,PZT5,PZT8 material

    > High density + stable performance

    > Low impedance + high QM value

    Piezoelectric ceramics, including Piezo Rings and Industrial Piezoelectric Ceramic Sheets, are a type of functional ceramic material that exhibit the piezoelectric effect, which allows them to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. In addition to their piezoelectric properties, these ceramics also possess dielectric and elastic properties, making them highly versatile. They are widely used in various applications such as medical imaging, acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors, and more.

  • Piezo Ring Manufacturer

  • Piezoelectric ceramics function by utilizing the relative displacement of internal positive and negative charge centers caused by mechanical stress, resulting in bound charges with opposite signs on the surfaces at either end of the material—this is known as the piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric Rings, for example, are commonly used in the manufacture of ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic frequency discriminators, high voltage generators, infrared detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optic devices, and piezoelectric gyroscopes. These applications are not only prevalent in high-tech fields but also improve everyday life.

    In the electronic industry, ceramics that utilize their electrical and magnetic properties are referred to as electronic ceramics. These materials, including Industrial Piezoelectric Ceramic Sheets, achieve new functionalities through precise control of surface, grain boundary, and size structures. They are extensively used in sectors such as energy, household appliances, and automotive industries.

    The development of electronic ceramic materials is closely intertwined with advancements in physical chemistry, applied physics, silicate physical chemistry, solid-state physics, optics, electricity, acoustics, and radio electronics, all of which drive each other forward. Consequently, as electronic technology rapidly advances, significant progress has been made in the field of electronic ceramics.

    Electronic ceramics can be categorized into five types based on their functions and uses: insulating device ceramics, capacitor ceramics, ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, and ionic ceramics.


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