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Switching Power Supply
  • Overview of LED switching power supply,inverter generator

    The high frequency of LED switching power supply is its development direction. The high frequency makes the switching power supply miniaturized and makes the switching power supply enter a wider application field, especially in the field of high and new technology, which promotes the miniaturization and portability of high and new technology products. In addition, the development and application of switching power supply is of great significance in energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection. The electronic devices used in LED switching power supply are mainly LED diode, IGBT and MOSFET. SCR has a few applications in switching power supply input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit. GTR is difficult to drive and the switching frequency is low. It is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.

  • Principle and characteristics of LED switching power supply

    Three conditions of LED switching power supply

    1. Switches are: power electronic devices work in a switching state rather than a linear state.

    2. High frequency: power electronic devices work at high frequency rather than low frequency close to power frequency.

    3. DC: the output of switching power supply is DC rather than AC.

    Light bar led switching power supply

    Led switching power supply is controlled by circuit to conduct high-speed on and off. It is to convert DC into high-frequency AC to transform the converter to produce one or more groups of voltages required! The efficiency of high-frequency AC in the transformer circuit is higher than that of commercial power 50Hz or 60Hz. Therefore, the switching power supply transformer can be very small, will not be very hot when the switching power supply works, and the product price is lower than that of power frequency DC regulated power supply. If 50Hz or 60Hz is not changed into high-frequency power, then the switching power supply has no meaning. Switching power supply can be divided into isolation and non isolation. If it is isolated, there must be switching power converter, while if it is not isolated, there may not be switching power converter. Compared with traditional DC power supply, switching power supply has the advantages of small volume, light weight and high efficiency.

    Detection points of LED switching power supply

    Efficiency inspection and driving test of switching power supply

    If the power factor is required , the power factor shall also be tested.

    Input voltage regulation rate detection and full load power supply temperature detection to prevent the sudden change of input power supply from affecting the circuit.


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