The Common Usage Problems of Micro Switch
  • I believe many people have encountered common problems about the use of micro switches. Many people do not know what to do or how to deal with them. They do not know much about the basic knowledge of micro switches . Let's first explain the common problems about the use of micro switches and let's get to know them together.

  • 1. What is the cause of poor contact of micro switch ? How to deal with it?

    One may be the dust adhering to the copper sheet, switch contact point, etc. It is recommended to use the sealed electric switch. The second is the malignant gas damage in the natural environment, which results in the formation of an insulating coating on the joint surface. It is recommended to use the joint raw materials (gold, aluminum alloy, etc.) with good adaptability to the natural environment.

  • 2. What is the reason why the load does not open even if the micro switch is pressed?

    There are many reasons for this problem, one may be due to poor contact, the second may be due to the dissolution of the joint, the third may be due to the damage of the torsion spring of the internal structure, the fourth may be due to different operating speeds, the fifth may be due to the frequency of the operating process, and the sixth may be attached to waste, dust, and the actual reason must be checked.

  • 3. What is the aging and ablation of microswitch insulation? How to prevent?

    First of all, the key to the aging and corrosion of the micro switch is that the load volume is very large, which then leads to electric arc and floating joints around. This situation can be avoided by switching load of automobile relay and AC contactor. 2. The high ambient humidity leads to the obvious change of the temperature nearby, leading to the infiltration of water droplets. This leads to increased carbonization of the insulation. In wet and cold natural environment, try to avoid long-term existence of micro switch or use sealed switch.

    I believe that after reading the above, you can also understand the common questions about the use of micro switches. If you have more questions, you can also contact FBelec . E-mal Tel:86-574-87793491


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