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The Function and Principle of Oral Irrigator
  • In recent years, oral irrigators have become increasingly popular in China, which shows that people are paying more and more attention to their oral health. Today, FBelec summarizes some knowledge about dental irrigators

    What is the function of oral irrigator?

  • 1. The oral irrigator is a small household appliance that is both effective and convenient, and it can produce 1200 times per minute

    The thin high-pressure pulsed water column can wash any part of the oral cavity, including the tongue surface and nose, through the well-designed nozzle Cavity. After a meal, you can rinse the food residue in your teeth for 1-3 minutes.

    2. The high pressure pulse water flow of the oral irrigator is a kind of flexible stimulation, which will not hurt any part of the mouth or face Part, as well as the health care function of massaging gums, I feel very comfortable.

    3. The oral irrigator is easy to operate, and almost every old person and child can use it. It is OK to use clear water

    Patients can also add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to enhance some effects.

    4. Oral irrigator is used for daily teeth and oral cleaning, which can effectively maintain the health of teeth and assist in the treatment of gingivitis

    And other oral diseases. Because brushing teeth can only clean the surface of teeth at ordinary times, while brushing teeth can not take care of the teeth

    The food residue in the crevice becomes a hotbed for bacteria to breed. The use of tooth puncher can make use of the strong pulse water flow

    The effect of pressure on cleaning the gap between teeth is similar to that of toothpick and floss, but better than that of toothpick and floss

    It will not cause physical damage to the gums due to direct contact with rigid objects.

    5.In addition to cleaning the dental plaque and food residues in the gingival crevices and gingival sulci, it can also promote the secretion of hyperoxic saliva And improve the bad smell of the mouth.

  • What is the working principle of oral irrigator

    The tooth puncher pressurizes the water through the pump body to generate high-frequency water vapor mixed pulse water column, which is aligned with the water column through the nozzle

    The dental crevice or gingival sulcus shall be cleaned by using high-pressure water column to wash the plaque in these areas.

    Some brands of tooth punches have designed many types of nozzles for different parts: adjacent spaces, periodontal pockets,

    Tongue coating, etc. and cleaning for different types of patients: orthodontic patients or periodontal patients.

    The above is the function and working principle of the tooth puncher . The partners with better requirements for oral hygiene can Consider purchasing.

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