Design Meets Sound: Versatile Wild Expedition and Cyber Speakers
  • Meet the great outdoors with FBelec's premier speaker series: Wild Expedition and Cyber Speaker. Inspired by durable outdoor equipment, the Wild series delivers rugged durability and enjoyable sound, perfect for any adventure. The Cyber series, a versatile speaker choice, immerses you in a cyberpunk world with futuristic design and dynamic RGB LED lights that pulse to your music, ideal for an outdoor party atmosphere. Each series encapsulates a unique blend of style and performance, offering an unparalleled outdoor audio experience tailored to your taste.

  • Compact Meets Rugged: FBelec Outdoor Speaker Series

    Experience the fusion of compact convenience and sturdy build quality with FBelec's outdoor speaker series. These pocket-sized speakers, designed for one-handed use, are lightweight yet robust, sporting an IPX-5 water resistant and dustproof rating and a strong, resilient exterior. They also come equipped with a built-in flashlight for all your outdoor adventures. The wireless outdoor bluetooth speakers deliver more bass than you'd expect from their size, easily attachable to any backpack or bag with a lanyard, these speakers quickly provide on-the-go music. FBelec outdoor speakers deliver powerful performance in a small package.

  • The characteristics and advantages of IPX7 level outdoor waterproof speaker breathable film products

    The appearance of outdoor waterproof speakers looks very compact, which is to achieve good portability. Outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers have also gradually been accepted and valued by consumers due to their user-friendly features. Common outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market are usually single channel speakers (single speaker units), At the same time, according to the pursuit of some users, some multi-channel speakers with excellent sound quality (two or more speakers) have also emerged.

    In order to ensure that the waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be used well outdoors and protect the speaker from water damage in the event of sudden water ingress, IPX7 grade outdoor waterproof speaker breathable film is generally used for waterproofing treatment or in the sound emitting area. Other parts are processed with waterproof sealing glue to ensure waterproof sealing, so that the waterproof speaker can be suitable for use in relatively humid, watery, and rainy environments. The excellent research and testing capabilities of waterproof and breathable film manufacturers can also help Bluetooth speaker manufacturers optimize IPX7 outdoor waterproof speaker breathable film products and breathable equipment casings to meet waterproof standards such as IP65, IP67, or IP68.


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