What Are Piezoelectric Ceramics?
  • Industrial piezoelectric ceramic plate are an important electronic material with unique physical properties and a wide range of application scenarios. Piezoelectric ceramic sheets are electronic ceramic materials with piezoelectric effects. When this material is subjected to external pressure, it generates charges inside, forming an electric field, and thus generating voltage. Meanwhile, when a voltage is applied, the material undergoes corresponding deformation, which is the unique feature of piezoelectric ceramics.

    Industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets have advantages such as high sensitivity, high resolution, and low hysteresis. It can work in extreme environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and high vacuum, and has long-term stability and reliability. In addition, industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets can also be processed and prepared through different process technologies, such as thin film preparation, thick film preparation, multi-layer structure preparation, etc.

    History of Piezoelectric Ceramic

    1880, The Curie brothers first discovered the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline, marking the beginning of the history of piezoelectricity.

    1881, The Curie brothers experiment verified the inverse piezoelectric effect and provided quartz with the same positive and negative piezoelectric constants.

    1894, Voigt pointed out that only crystals with twenty different point groups without symmetric centers are likely to have piezoelectric effects, and quartz is a representative of piezoelectric crystals that have been applied.

  • Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics

    Piezoelectric manufacturers like us provide various types of piezoeletric ceramics for dfferent market sectors.

    Some of our Piezoelectric ceramic applications include:

    Medical - Bone conduction hearing aids, Ultrasonic surgical instruments, Micro and nano-dosing equipment

    Communications - Antennas, Sensors

    Optics - Fiber positioning, turntable lasers

    Automotive - Knock sensors, Fuel injectors

    Commercial - Alarms, Buzzers, Printers

    Piezoelectric ceramics are a type of electronic ceramic materials with piezoelectric properties. The main difference from typical piezoelectric quartz crystals that do not contain ferroelectric components is that the crystal phases that make up their main components are grains with ferroelectricity. Due to the fact that ceramics are polycrystalline aggregates with randomly oriented grains, the spontaneous polarization vectors of each ferroelectric grain are also randomly oriented. In order for ceramics to exhibit macroscopic piezoelectric properties, it is necessary to place them under a strong DC electric field for polarization treatment after being fired and coated with composite electrodes on the end face of the piezoelectric ceramics, in order to make the polarization vectors of the original chaotic orientation preferentially oriented along the direction of the electric field. After polarization treatment, piezo electric ceramics retain a certain macroscopic residual polarization strength after the electric field is cancelled, thus giving the ceramics certain piezoelectric properties.

    Industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets have wide applications in many fields, such as medical imaging technology, audio and ultrasound equipment, precision measurement instruments, military radar, and sonar systems. Among them, medical imaging technology is one of the important application fields of industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets, which can be used for medical diagnosis and treatment. In addition, industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets can also be used to manufacture precision components such as high-frequency transducers, ultrasonic sensors, and optical modulators with micrometer level accuracy.

    With the continuous development of technology, the application prospects of industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets are becoming increasingly broad. In the future, industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets will develop towards high-frequency, high-precision, miniaturization, and integration. Meanwhile, with the continuous emergence of new materials and technologies, the performance and reliability of industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets will also be further improved. In addition, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, the production and use of industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets will also pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

    Industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets are an electronic material with important application value. Their unique physical properties and wide application scenarios make them an indispensable part of modern industrial and medical fields. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the application prospects of industrial piezoelectric ceramic sheets will be even broader.

  • FBelec offers custom piezoelectric ceramic parts available by shape or by aplication Our expert enginees provide technical support from start to finish to ensure your project is a success.

    From samples to high volume production orders
    Fbelec is a trusted partner for all your piezoelectirc ceramic needs

    Learn more about all the piezoelectric ceramic parts we offer below

    Piezoelectric Actuators

    Piezoelectric actuators are used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

    Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor.

    Piezoelectrice ceramic sensors are used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.

    Piezoelectric Transducer

    Piezeoletric transducers are used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy or vice versa. Piezo transducers can be configured to perform either a peletic actuator or pielectic sensor. Leamn more about piezo transducers here.

    Multilayer Stack Piezo Actuators

    Mutilayer stack piezo actuators consist of stacks of piezo elements that expand when an electrical charge is applied. Mutilayer stacks are commonly uilied for precision machinery and control in industil, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

    Piezoelectric Disc

    Piezoelectric discs are circular piezo elements often found in automotive functions. sound production and amplification, liquid and fluid level measurement, and utrasonic applications. Leam more about piezo discs here.

    Piezoelectric Bending Strip

    Piezo strip benders are thin pieces of actve piezoelectric materal connecled to a passive layer. stip piezo elements are commonly uilized in valve and pump controls. acelerometers, sound production, touch switches/controls, and fine machinery. Learm more about strip piezos here.

    Piezoelectric Ring

    Piezoeletric rings are often used in mutilyer stack piezo actuators to produce liear movement. Piezo rings are often found in ulrasonic applications, nanopositioning. microscopy. and precision machining. Learn more about piezo rings here.

    Piezoelectric Tube

    FBelec manufactures piezoelectric crystals and products that are the heartbeat of piezoelectric transducers, piezo pick-ups, piezoelectric actuators, and piezoelectric generators in a mutitude of applications. Our piezoceramic products are manufactured from lead zirconate titanate (PZT), lead metaniobate, and other piezoelectric materials.

    PKI is located in Bellefonte. PA near Penn State University. We have a rich history in collaboration with the PSU Applied Research Laboratory and work closely in piezo materials development. FBelec oriented manufacturing processes, bringing high value products and services to many markets.

    FBelec was founded in 1979 as Nittany Piezo Ceramics. an international developer and manufacturer of specialty ultrasonic equipment, the largest privately held multimillion dollar ultrasonic technology company in the world.


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