What are the common problems of Ultrasonic Power Transducer?

  • 1. When the ultrasonic vibrator is damp, the plug connected to the transducer can be checked with a megohmmeter. The basic situation can be judged by checking the insulation resistance. Generally, the insulation resistance is required to be greater than 5 megohm. If the insulation resistance value cannot be reached, the transducer is generally damp. Put the whole transducer (excluding the plastic sprayed shell) into the oven and set it at about 100 ℃ for drying for 3 hours, or use an electric hair dryer to remove the moisture until the resistance value is normal.

    2. When the transducer vibrator is ignited and the ceramic material is broken, it can be checked with the naked eye and a megger. Generally, it is used as an emergency treatment measure to disconnect individual damaged vibrators, which will not affect the normal use of other vibrators.

  • For vibrator degumming, our Ultrasonic Boosters or Ultrasonic Welders adopts double guarantee process of cementation and screw fastening, which will not occur under normal circumstances.

    Stainless steel vibrating surface perforation. Generally, the vibrating surface perforation may occur when the transducer is used at full load for 10 years.

    What are the applications of Ultrasonic Converters?

    Ultrasonic transducer is widely used. It can be divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical treatment and military. According to the functions realized, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc. It is divided into liquid, gas, organism, etc. according to the working environment. It can be divided into power ultrasonic, detection ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, etc.

    Piezoelectric ceramic transformer

    Piezoelectric ceramic transformer uses the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric body after polarization to realize voltage output. The input part is driven by sinusoidal voltage signal and vibrates through the inverse piezoelectric effect. The vibration wave is mechanically coupled to the output part through the input and output parts, and the output part generates charge through the positive piezoelectric effect to realize the two transformations of electric energy, mechanical energy and electric energy of piezoelectric body, so as to obtain the highest output voltage at the resonant frequency of piezoelectric transformer. Compared with the electromagnetic transformer, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high power density, high efficiency, breakdown resistance, high temperature resistance, not afraid of combustion, no electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic noise, simple structure, easy manufacture and easy mass production. It has become an ideal alternative component of the electromagnetic transformer in some fields. Such transformers are used for switching converters, notebook computers, neon lamp drivers, etc.

    Ultrasonic motor

    The ultrasonic motor uses the stator as the transducer, uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric crystal to make the motor stator vibrate at the ultrasonic frequency, and then transfers energy by the friction between the stator and the rotor to drive the rotor to rotate. The ultrasonic motor has the advantages of small volume, large torque, high resolution, simple structure, direct drive, no braking mechanism and no bearing mechanism. These advantages are conducive to the miniaturization of the device. Ultrasonic motors are widely used in optical instruments, lasers, semiconductor microelectronics, precision machinery and instruments, robots, medicine and bioengineering.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

    The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is to use the physical effects such as cavitation, radiation pressure and sound flow when ultrasonic wave propagates in the cleaning fluid to peel off the dirt on the cleaning parts mechanically, and promote the chemical reaction between the cleaning fluid and dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning objects. The frequency used by the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be 10 ~ 500 kHz according to the size and purpose of the cleaning object, generally 20 ~ 50 kHz. With the increase of ultrasonic transducer frequency, langzhiwan vibrator, longitudinal vibrator, thickness vibrator, etc. can be used. In the aspect of miniaturization, there are also the radial vibration and bending vibration of disc vibrator. Ultrasonic cleaning has been more and more widely used in various industries, such as industry, agriculture, household equipment, electronics, automobile, rubber, printing, aircraft, food, hospital and medical research.

    Ultrasonic Welding Transitor

    Ultrasonic welding includes ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic plastic welding. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology has been widely used. It uses the ultrasonic vibration generated by the transducer to transmit the ultrasonic vibration energy to the welding area through the upper weldment. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the junction of the two weldments, local high temperature will be generated to melt the plastic and complete the welding work under the action of contact pressure. Ultrasonic plastic welding is convenient for welding parts that cannot be welded by other welding methods. In addition, it also saves the expensive mold cost of plastic products, shortens the processing time, improves the production efficiency, and has the characteristics of economy, speed and reliability.

    Ultrasonic machining

    When the micro abrasive is added to the workpiece with a certain static pressure together with the ultrasonic machining tool, the same shape as the tool can be machined. During processing, the transducer needs to produce an amplitude of 15 ~ 40 microns at a frequency of 15 ~ 40 kHz. Ultrasonic tools make the abrasive on the workpiece surface impact continuously with considerable impact force, destroy the ultrasonic radiation part, break the material and achieve the purpose of removing the material. Ultrasonic processing is mainly used in the processing of brittle and hard materials such as gem, jade, marble, agate and cemented carbide, as well as the processing of special-shaped holes and fine and deep holes. In addition, when adding ultrasonic transducer vibration to ordinary cutting tools, it can also improve accuracy and efficiency.

    Ultrasonic weight loss

    Using the cavitation effect of ultrasonic transducer and micromechanical vibration, the excess fat cells under the human epidermis are broken, emulsified and discharged from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss and shaping. This is a new technology developed internationally in the 1990s. Zocch I of Italy used ultrasonic degreasing in bed for the first time and achieved success, creating a precedent for plastic surgery and beauty. Ultrasonic degreasing technology has developed rapidly at home and abroad.

    Ultrasonic breeding

    Ultrasonic irradiation of plant seeds with appropriate frequency and intensity can improve the germination rate of seeds, reduce the mildew rate, promote the growth of seeds and improve the growth rate of plants. According to the data, ultrasonic can increase the growth rate of some plant seeds by 2 ~ 3 times.

    Electronic sphygmomanometer

    The ultrasonic transducer is used to receive the pressure of blood vessels. When the air bag pressurizes and compresses the blood vessels, the ultrasonic transducer can not feel the pressure of blood vessels because the applied pressure is higher than the vasodilation pressure; When the air bag is gradually deflated and the pressure of the ultrasonic transducer on the blood vessel decreases to a certain value, the two pressures reach a balance. At this time, the ultrasonic transducer can feel the pressure of the blood vessel, which is the systolic pressure of the heart, and send an indication signal through the amplifier to give the blood pressure value. Because the stethoscope is cancelled, the electronic sphygmomanometer can reduce the labor intensity of medical staff.

    Telemetry and remote control

    In toxic, radioactive and other harsh environments, people can't get close to work and need to be controlled remotely; Electric switches such as TV sets, electric fans and lights need remote control. Ultrasonic transducers can be installed. Through remote transmission, ultrasonic waves are received by the receiving transducers installed on the control system to convert acoustic signals into electrical signals to make the switch act.

    Traffic monitoring

    In modern traffic, it is very necessary to automatically monitor the passing and counting of vehicles in order to master the operation of vehicles. If the traffic supervision station is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer and its auxiliary equipment for both sending and receiving, an acoustic pulse will return when the vehicle passes, and the number of daily vehicles can be obtained by counting and accumulating. A transducer with both transmitter and receiver is installed at the rear of the car to prevent reverse collision accidents. The installation of receiving piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer on highway can also monitor the noise index.


    Ultrasonic distance measuring device is also called ruler. It measures the pulse time interval through a dual-purpose transducer. The sound ruler can measure the distance within 10m, and the accuracy can reach a few thousandths.

    Leak detection and gas detection

    For the pressure system, at the leakage point, the jet noise is caused by the internal and external pressure difference of the pressure vessel. This noise has a very wide spectrum. For non pressure systems, an ultrasonic wave source can be placed in the closed system and then received from the outside of the closed system. Generally, when there is no leakage, the measured signal amplitude is very small or not, and the signal amplitude tends to increase suddenly at the leakage. Gas flow detection is also one of the important means in chemical industry. At present, there are many kinds of amplification for flow detection, such as float flowmeter, etc. However, the main advantage of using ultrasonic transducer is that it does not hinder the flow of fluid.

    Information acquisition

    In order to realize the functions of free walking in space and identifying objects, intelligent robot should not only use ultrasonic transducer for ranging and blind guidance, but also image identification. Therefore, small ultrasonic transducer array is needed to realize multiple functions, which will become an important research topic and attract many scientists to work for it.

  • Temperature Sensors And Sensor Assemblies

    FBelec has a professional and high-quality marketing and technical team. Based on exquisite and brand new craftsmanship, we have formed a production capacity of 50 million units annually, including high-precision NTC thermistors, ds18b20 digital temperature sensors, IP68 waterproof temperature sensors, BBQ barbecue probe temperature sensors, and household appliance temperature sensors. Our main products include temperature controllers, oven temperature sensing rods, NTC temperature probes, ds18b20 digital temperature sensors, temperature and humidity controllers, and PT1000 platinum resistance temperature sensors. The oven uses PT1000. Kitchen thermometer, barbecue thermometer. NTC thermistors, temperature sensors and other products have been produced lead-free according to the EU ROHS directive and have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

    With the multi-channel and diversified development of the domestic and international economy, we are exploring more products (BBQ barbecue probes, ds18b20 digital, PT1000 platinum resistors, household appliances, probe type, new energy, barbecue, thermocouples, thermistors, air conditioners, platinum resistance temperature sensors, etc.), serving more industries, facing future challenges, and taking the domestic market as the core, actively exploring the international market as the task. The company mainly establishes its own brand and sales network through strict enterprise management and advanced manufacturing technology, providing customers with satisfactory products and services. Adhering to the business philosophy of unity, exploration, pragmatism, and refinement,

    Where contact sensing of solid materials, liquids and gases is required, FBelec temperature sensors are frequently found in the following industries:

    > Plastics

    > Industrial Processing

    > Food & Beverage

    > Aerospace

    > Medical & Pharmaceuticals

    > Off-Road Equipment/Transportation

    > Power Generation

    > Semiconductors

    > Steel Production


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