What are the electrical tools available?
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    1. Basic personal tools: electric pen, electrician's pliers, gong knife, electrician's knife, open-end wrench, etc.

    2. Internal electrician tools: electric pen, multimeter, diagonal pliers, pointed nose pliers, plum blossom wrench, various pliers, various wrenches, various soldering irons, peeling pliers.

    3. External electrician tools: wire safety grounding tools, foot buckles, climbing pedals, safety belt ropes, lifting ropes, cranes, pulleys, small electric drills, wire crimpers, spray lamps, earth shovel tools, hacksaw sawing tools, various wire tighteners, and wire hanging pulleys.

    4. Large scale tools and equipment: excavators, cranes, cable reel supports, cable trailers.

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  • What are the electrician's tools and electricians test equipment?

    Tools for electricians: Multimeter, megger, electric soldering iron, tin suction device, tweezers, electric pen, electrician's knife, adjustable wrench, hammer, screwdriver, gram pliers, wire stripping pliers, diagonal pliers, scissors, pointed nose pliers, vice, tape measure, internal and external hexagonal wrench, etc.

    1. Test pen is also called test pen, which is referred to as "pen". It is an electrical tool used to test whether there is electricity in the wire. There is a neon bubble in the pen. If the neon bubble emits light during the test, it indicates that the wire has electricity or is the live wire of the path. In the test pen, the tip and tail of the pen are made of metal material, and the pen holder is made of insulating material. When using the test pen, be sure to touch the metal part at the end of the test pen by hand, otherwise, the neon bubble in the test pen will not emit light because the charged body, the test pen, the human body and the earth do not form a circuit.

    2. Multimeter, also known as multiplex meter, multi-purpose meter, three-way meter and multi-purpose meter, is an indispensable measuring instrument in power electronics and other departments. Generally, the main purpose is to measure voltage, current and resistance. The multimeter is divided into pointer multimeter and digital multimeter according to the display mode. It is a multi-functional and multi range measuring instrument. Generally, the multimeter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio level. Some can also measure AC current, capacitance, inductance and some parameters of semiconductors.

    3. Wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by internal electricians, motor repair and instrument electricians It is specially used by electricians to strip the surface insulation layer of wire head. Key points of use: select the hole diameter of wire stripper blade according to the wire diameter According to the thickness and model of the cable, select the corresponding wire stripping blade, place the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the wire stripping tool, select the length of the wire to be stripped, hold the handle of the wire stripping tool, clamp the cable, slowly force the outer skin of the cable to peel off, loosen the handle of the tool, and take out the cable. At this time, the cable metal is neatly exposed, and the other insulating plastics are intact.

    4. Screwdriver, also known as screwdriver or screwdriver, is a tool for fastening or removing screws. There are many styles and specifications of screwdriver. According to the different materials of handle, screwdriver can be divided into wood handle and plastic handle. According to the shape of its head, it can be divided into one shape and cross shape.

    5. Open end wrench open end wrench means that the opening width of the wrench can be adjusted freely within a certain size range to adapt to the fastening and loosening of bolts or nuts of different specifications. Fixed spanner common fixed spanners mainly include solid spanner and box spanner. The size of the opening of the fixed wrench shall be fixed, and it shall be connected with the corresponding bolt or nut when in use.


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