What is a high fidelity headphones and headset
  • FBelec headphones, earbuds & headsets , wireless headphones are the symbol of people's portable sound. There are two standards for mobile phone earphones: omtp standard is usually called national standard and CTIA is called international standard. Bluetooth headphones are classified according to their energy exchange modes, mainly including moving coil mode, moving iron mode, electrostatic type and equal magnetic type. In terms of structure and function, it can be divided into semi open type and closed type; In terms of wearing form, there are earplug type, ear hanging type, in ear type and head wearing type; In terms of the number of wearers, there are single person headphones and multi person headphones; From the sound source, it can be divided into active headphones and passive headphones; Active headphones are also often referred to as plug-in headphones.

  • Tone quality
    Some methods can be used to evaluate the Noise Cancelling Headphones, but the listening feeling of the earphone is different from that of the speaker. The sound wave emitted by the speaker attenuates and interferes in the air, interacts with people's head and ears, and the sound of the earphone enters the ear directly.

    The sound quality of In-Ear Headphone is more important than its technical performance. Because the shape of head and ears are different, a pair of headphones will have different listening feelings for different people, so it is recommended only as a reference. If you have the opportunity to listen in person, you can really feel the sound of headphones.

  • What is a high fidelity headset?
    The main performances of the high fidelity earphone recommended in IEC 581-10 document of the International Electrotechnical Commission are: the frequency range is not less than 50hz-12500hz, and the optimal frequency response of the dynamic earphone is about 5-45000hz; The allowable error of typical frequency response is plus or minus 3dB; The slope of frequency response curve shall not exceed 9dB per octave; Within 250hz-800hz, the difference of average sound pressure level between left and right units in the same octave bandwidth shall not exceed 2dB; Within the range of 100hz-5000hz, when the sound pressure level is 94db, the harmonic distortion shall not exceed 1% and 3% at 100dB; The biggest advantage of headphones over speakers is in details. Actually listening to an excellent pair of headphones should have good sound analysis, rich details and no audible distortion; The low frequency is powerful and clear, which is effectively controlled; The whole frequency band should be smooth and flat, with low frequency but warm and high frequency but cold. For any pair of headphones, tri band cannot be perfect, and the smooth and natural connection between them is the most important.

    Durability is very important in portable audio and professional fields. The earphones of portable audio are relatively light and small and easy to be damaged; Professional earphones are used and moved frequently, and the cable is easy to be stepped on and pulled off. It is required that the earphones are made very solid, and the parts are easy to repair and replace.

    Another thing related to durability is the bearing power. A very small power can push the earphone very loudly. When it exceeds the bearing power, it may damage the earphone. The bearing power of general civil earphones is less than 100MW, and that of professional earphones is 100mw-1000mw. The voice coil of high impedance headphones has strong resistance, which is not as sensitive to power changes as that of low impedance headphones, and is more durable.


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