What is a miniature water pump?
  • Select products according to the budget. FBelec can provide products of corresponding grades according to your purchase cost to achieve the highest cost performance as far as possible. For users, the role of the magnetic pump in the use process is much higher than the cost of purchasing it at the beginning. In this way, the wasted working time and maintenance cost when the pump has problems and faults must also be calculated into the overall cost; The pump will consume a lot of electric energy during operation. Over the years, the electric energy consumed by a small pump is amazing.

    According to the follow-up survey of the sold products by some foreign pump factories, the largest capital consumed by the water pump in its service life is not the initial procurement cost or maintenance cost, but the electric energy consumed. I was surprised to find that the value of electric energy consumed by the original pump has far exceeded its own procurement cost and maintenance cost. Considering its own use efficiency, noise, manual maintenance and other reasons.

    The reason for us to buy those FBelec products with inferior quality and low price

  • The mini water pump refers to the super micro water pump, which can circulate, transport or pressurize the liquid, that is, convert the mechanical energy into the kinetic energy of the liquid to pump the liquid. The mini water pump is generally composed of a driving part and a pump body. The pump body has two interfaces, one inlet and one outlet. The water enters from the water inlet and the other outlet. The mini water pump is generally small in size, light in weight, and has anti-interference, long life and high temperature resistance (100 ℃).

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  • Applicable fields of mini water pump

    1. Automobile industry: It is used for cold starting of automobile engine under - 40 ℃ in winter, circulating heat dissipation of fuel engine antifreeze at high temperature of 120 ℃, and water circulating heat dissipation of electric vehicle and electric motorcycle.

    2. Solar photovoltaic energy products: solar water pump is to use solar panels to directly drive the water pump to work. The mini water pump has three major functions:

    (1) Energy-saving, 35% less than ordinary DC brush water pump
    (2) Soft start function, normal start within 1W power
    (3) It is convenient to set the overvoltage protection function.

    3. Food industry:Miniature water pump is mainly used for small products such as dishwasher, coffee machine, water dispenser, etc. The shell of the water pump can be made of special food-grade high-temperature resistant materials, and the mini-pump can work normally for more than 100 degrees continuously. It can reach food grade.

    4. Household products: aquarium, fountain, foot bath, shower, water heating mattress, computer water cooling system, etc; The DC brush water pump has the characteristics of low noise, long service life and good pressurization effect, which can fully meet the above requirements.

    5. Mechanical equipment and chemical products: machine tool equipment water circulation heat dissipation, water chiller circulation heat dissipation, sewage purification and other industries.

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  • Mini water pump: The machines that lift liquid, transport liquid or increase the pressure of liquid, that is, change the mechanical energy of prime mover into liquid energy, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid are collectively referred to as water pumps. You can query the details of micro water pumps on the "micro pump information network".

    The general composition of the water pump is the driving part + pump body. There are two interfaces on the pump body, one inlet and one outlet. The water enters from the water inlet and exits from the water outlet. All small and pocket water pumps in this form are called micro water pumps, also known as micro water pumps.

    How to purchase micro pumps,Submersible Water Pump?

    There are many kinds of magnetic pumps. When designing devices and equipment, it is necessary to determine the purpose and performance parameters of the pump and select the pump type.
    So what are the principles for purchasing DC water pumps?

    Principle of Mini Submersible Motor

    1. Make the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as device flow, head, pressure and temperature. The most important thing is to determine the voltage, maximum head and how much flow to achieve when the head is high. Please refer to the head flow curve for details.

    2. It must meet the requirements of media characteristics.

    For pumps conveying flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, reliable shaft seal or leak free pump is required, such as magnetic drive pump (isolated magnetic indirect drive without shaft seal).
    For the pump conveying corrosive medium, the convection parts are required to adopt corrosion-resistant materials, such as fluoroplastic corrosion-resistant pump.
    For the pump conveying medium containing solid particles, the convection parts shall be made of wear-resistant materials, and the shaft seal shall be washed with clean liquid if necessary.

    3. Mechanical requirements include high reliability, low noise and low vibration.

    4. Correctly calculate the input cost of pump procurement, inspect the pump manufacturer, and require its equipment quality to be good, after-sales service to be good, and spare parts to be supplied in time.

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  • How to select

    There are many micro water pumps, micro liquid pumps, small water pumps, water pumps, self-priming pumps, etc. in the market. How to choose the appropriate model? The main parameters of micro water pump are "flow" and "pressure". What standard should be followed when selecting the type? You can choose according to the following principles.

    (1) Normal temperature working medium (0-50 ℃), only pumping water or solution, without water and gas, but it is required to have self-priming capacity, and have requirements for flow and output pressure.

    Note: the working medium to be pumped is water, non oily, non strongly corrosive liquid and other solutions (no solid particles, etc.) and must have self-priming function.
    The following pumps can be selected

    1. If the flow requirement is large (about 4 ~ 20 L / min) and the pressure requirement is not high (about 1 ~ 3 kg), it is mainly used for water circulation, water sampling and lifting. It is required to have low noise, long service life and high self-priming range, BSP, CSP and other series can be selected.

    The flow rate is not high (about 1~5 liters / minute), but the pressure is larger (about 2~11 kg). It is used for spray, supercharging, car washing, etc., and does not need long time work under high pressure or heavy load. ASP, HSP and other series can be selected.

    It is used for tea pumping, spray and so on. It requires volume as small as possible, small flow rate and low noise (about 0.1 to 3 litres / minute), and optional ASP series.

  • (2) normal temperature working medium (0-50 ℃) requires pumping or gas (water gas mixing or idling and dry running may be possible), and pay attention to volume, noise, continuous use and other properties.

    Note: it is required to use both water and gas, can run dry for a long time, and does not damage the water pump. 24-hour continuous operation. The volume is particularly small and the noise is low, but the requirements for flow and pressure are not high.

    ⒈ pump air or vacuum with a micro pump, but sometimes liquid water will enter the pump chamber.
    2. The micro pump is required to be able to pump air and water.
    3. Pump water with micro pump, but sometimes the pump may have no water to pump and be in "dry running" state.
    Some traditional pumps are afraid of "dry running", and "dry running" will even damage the pump. PHW and WKA series products are essentially a composite function pump, Single-phase Water Pump.
    4. The micro pump is mainly used to pump water, but it is not expected to manually add "water diversion" before pumping (some pumps need to manually add some "water diversion" before working, so that the pump can pump up the water at the lower part, otherwise the pump cannot pump water or even damage), that is, the pump is expected to have "self-priming" function. At this time, you can choose PHW and WKA series products. Their advantage is that when they are not in contact with water, they will vacuumize, form a vacuum, raise the water pressure by air pressure, and then start pumping.

    PHW and WKA series can be selected for the above applications.

  • (3) High temperature working medium (0-100 ℃), such as micro water pump for water circulation heat dissipation and water cooling, or pumping high temperature, high temperature steam and high temperature liquid, micro water pump (high temperature type) must be used.

    1. When the temperature is between 50-80 ℃, the micro water gas dual-purpose pump phw600b (high temperature medium type) or WKA series high temperature medium type can be selected, and the maximum temperature resistance temperature is 80 ℃ or 100 ℃.

    2. If the temperature is between 50-100 ℃, WKA series high temperature medium type must be selected, and the maximum temperature resistance temperature is 100 ℃; (when pumping high-temperature water (the water temperature exceeds about 80 ℃), the pumping flow will be greatly reduced due to the precipitation of gas in the water. Please refer to here for the specific flow reduced: (this is not a quality problem of the pump, please pay attention to the selection!))

    (4)There are large requirements for flow (more than 20 L / min), but the medium contains a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues, etc.

    Note: in the medium to be pumped

    1. It contains a small number of soft solid particles with small diameter (such as fish feces, sewage sludge, residue, etc.), but the viscosity should not be too large, and it is best not to have entanglements such as hair.

    2. The working medium is allowed to contain a small amount of oil (such as a small amount of oil floating on the sewage surface), but not all oil!

    3. Large flow requirements (more than 20 L / min)

    (1) where self-priming function is not required, and the pump cannot be put into water, and solid particles can be cut into smaller particles: FSP super flow series can be selected.
    (2) when self-priming is required and the pump can be put into the water, three series of micro submersible pumps QZ (medium flow 35-45 L / min), QD (large flow 85-95 L / min) and QC (super flow 135-145 L / min) and DC submersible pump can be selected.


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