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What is a tact switch?
  • Tact switch, also known as key switch, it first appeared in Japan [called: sensitive switch]. When it is used to meet the conditions of operating force, it puts pressure on the operating direction of the switch. The switch function is closed and connected. When the pressure is cancelled, the switch is disconnected. Its internal structure is realized by the force change of metal shrapnel. FBelec is the best tact switch manufacturers! with IATF16949 certificate .

  • The switch function is closed and connected. When the pressure is cancelled, the switch is disconnected. Its internal structure is realized by the force change of metal shrapnel.

    The light touch switch is composed of insert, base, shrapnel, button and cover plate. The waterproof light touch switch adds a layer of polyimide film on the shrapnel.

    The light touch switch has the advantages of small contact resistance, accurate operating force error, diversified specifications and so on. It is widely used in electronic equipment and white appliances, such as video and audio products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household appliances, security products, playing equipment, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, note checking pen, laser pen keys and so on. Because of the environmental conditions (less than twice the elastic force / ambient temperature and humidity conditions and electrical performance) caused by touching the switch, large equipment and high load buttons are directly replaced by conductive rubber or pot switch hardware shrapnel, such as medical equipment, TV remote control, etc.

    About the pin position of the five pin light touch switch: the two pins are a group. When the switch body is correctly pressed, the four pins are connected, and the fifth pin is grounded. micro tact switches is the fourth generation switch product developed with the requirements of the development of electronic technology. The earliest volume is 12mmX12mm, 8mmX8mm, and now it is 6mm, less than 6mm. There are three types of product structures: vertical, horizontal and horizontal with ground end. Now there are two types: combined type (3m, 4m, SM, 6m and SM) and potentiometer touch switch combination, which meet the requirements of various domestic electronic products. Installation dimensions are 6 SMM fire is 4.5mm, 5.5mm and 4mm and 6mm and 4mm. There are 4.5mmX4.5mm small touch switches and chip touch switches abroad. Chip touch switches are suitable for surface assembly. At present, the use of conductive rubber switches is also very popular.

    At present, there is a fifth generation switch membrane switch, which has the same function as the touch switch. It is mainly used in electronic instruments and CNC machine tools, but it has high resistance and poor hand feeling. In order to overcome the poor hand feeling, some membrane switches are not made of silver layer as the contact point, but are equipped with contact reeds.

  • How to purchase Tactile Switches?

    The key factors affecting the quality of the light touch switch are the protection, solderability, conduction reliability, service life, hand feeling, production process and installation size of the light touch switch. The first factor is the pin substrate. The pin substrate of the light touch switch is brass or phosphor copper (low-grade iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pins are basically silver plated, In order that the SO2 gas in the air will oxidize when silver meets, which will directly affect the weldability and contact resistance of the switch, the silver plating thickness and silver plating process of the base material of the pin must be controlled in place for a high-quality light touch switch.

    The advantages and disadvantages of silver plating in the market are as follows:

    Silver plating thickness: more than 0.3um (rear silver), 0.2um (thin silver), 0.1um (white plating)

    Silver plating process: pre nickel plating and then silver plating on the substrate, pre copper plating and then silver plating on the substrate, and direct silver plating on the substrate

  • Whether the substrate is treated with protective agent after silver plating or whether the switch has dust-proof and waterproof function is very key. Otherwise, even the best silver plating treatment will oxidize the switch.

    Secondly, the key factor affecting the conduction reliability is the structure of the contact point, because the function of the light touch switch is to conduct the contact conduction between the contact point and the shrapnel, the larger the contact surface of the contact point, the better. The contact surface is determined by the structure.

    There are probably three types of structures in the market, and the order of advantages and disadvantages is as follows:Large bubble (crater type) "o-contact", slotted type "2-point contact", flat bubble type "1-point contact".

    Third, the service life and feel are determined by the combination of the stroke of the light touch switch and the shrapnel. The shorter the stroke, the lighter the sound, the longer the service life, and vice versa. In the case of fixed shrapnel technology, the service life of the light touch switch is mainly determined by the stroke or sound;

    In addition, the key factor determining the life of shrapnel is stamping technology. Stamping technology in Japan and Taiwan has been very popular in China. Therefore, under the condition of technology improvement, whether the requirements for materials will be reduced again? For example, there are four main types of 160gf shrapnel life in the market. About 50000 times (domestic phosphor copper or relatively backward stamping technology), about 100000 times, more than 200000 times (stainless steel).

    The fourth is the production process. With accessories, the final impact on the quality is the assembly process. The assembly process depends on the management ability of the production company, employees' quality awareness and quality assurance ability. The final product quality produced by different assurance ability must be different. The market assembly methods include labor and machines. The machine assembly cost is low, but the product quality is low, The cost of manual assembly is high, but the quality is also high.

    The fifth is delivery inspection. The methods and items of delivery inspection also affect the quality of the final touch switch, such as whether the appearance, feel, conduction, resistance and other items are spot checked or full checked. For example, if the scrap rate required by some large manufacturers is measured by ppm or zero defects, it is necessary to set sampling inspection or quality inspection after the full inspection is set in the delivery inspection.


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