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What is Battery Charger
  • Lithium battery charger is a charger specially used to charge lithium-ion batteries,battery charging solutions.

    Lithium ion batteries have high requirements for chargers and need to protect circuits, so lithium battery chargers usually have high control precision and can charge lithium-ion batteries at constant current and constant voltage.lithium battery chargers,rechargeable battery chargers。

  • What are the functional features of lithium battery charger?

    Ideal control circuit for single or 8.4v double section lithium ion or lithium polymer battery charger;

    Voltage accuracy higher than 1%; In the precharge process, the user can change the precharge current; Constant current charging, adjustable charging current; Constant voltage charging process; Automatic recharging process; Temperature monitoring during charging; Led charging status indication; Detection of abnormal battery state; When the power supply voltage is low, it is in the sleep mode of low power consumption, and the battery leakage current is very small; Few peripheral components;

    Charging process of lithium battery charger

    When the power supply is not connected, the LED on the circuit board does not light up

    The power supply is connected to the circuit board, and the green LED is on continuously. At this time, the circuit board waits for the lithium battery to be placed.

    After the lithium battery is put in, it starts charging and the LED turns orange.

    When the lithium battery reaches the condition of full charge, it stops charging and the LED turns orange.

    After the lithium battery is fully charged, the battery is removed, the LED turns green, and the lithium battery is replaced for charging.

    During charging, the charging percentage is displayed Led:

    Continuous green: wait for battery placement

    Continuous yellow: charging

    Continuous Orange: the battery has been fully charged or charged for 6 hours

    Flashing orange: warning message (output short circuit, reversed positive and negative poles, abnormal temperature)

  • Matters needing attention

    1. The working selection of the charger shall be consistent with that of the charged battery. If the charger works in the state of lithium battery to charge Ni MH or Ni Cd battery, the battery is not fully charged, which will greatly reduce the working time. If the charger works in the state of nickel battery and recharges the lithium-ion battery, the lithium battery will be overcharged, which will seriously affect the service life of the battery.

    2. Know whether the battery is fully charged when the charger is fully charged. Some chargers can remove the lithium battery when the full indicator light is on, and some chargers can remove the battery only when the indicator light is on.


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