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What is Ceiling Speaker?
  • Ceiling speakers are widely used in background music and public address systems in restaurants, teahouses, playgrounds, stations, schools, squares, office buildings, workshops and other places, and are gradually used in family background music systems.

  • How to install FBelec ceiling horn

    A set of in-ceiling speakers installation methods and flexible wiring skills can save you a lot of energy in the installation process. Formulating the horn installation scheme is like a hairdresser. It needs to design the hairstyle according to everyone's face shape, head shape, skin color, hair quality, even personality and occupation. In this regard, even the simplest smallpox horn design and installation is not purely a technical problem. A good background music project is a combination of experience, technology and art.

  • 1. Wiring. It is best to arrange the horn line together with the electrician wiring, but the horn line is weak current, It should be with the strong current of the electrician (AC220V) don't get too close. If you wear PVC pipe, it's OK to be 20cm away. This should be done for installation, interference and other factors, but the general route should try to follow the strong current or weak current route arranged by the electrician, so it's not messy and convenient for maintenance in the future. Because the electrician wiring generally leaves an access hole, the horn line should be different from other lines, and don't go there I don't know which one is the horn cable during future maintenance. The PVC pipe of the horn line can be fixed on the hanging bar of the ceiling. Another thing that needs to be coordinated with the electrician is that the position of the horn point also needs to consider the position of various lights, the position of the fire sprinkler, the air conditioning outlet, and the shape of the ceiling capping in the actual construction process. If your horn installation position is repeated with the lamp position, or is designed at the air conditioning outlet, This is not very good, but also affects the beauty. The horn wire passes through the PVC pipe. We require the PVC pipe not to use elbow, but to use spring bending to ensure that the wire in each pipe can be pulled freely from the junction box, mainly to ensure future maintenance, wire replacement and threading. Audio ceiling speakers.

  • 2. Precautions for horn opening. Use a special hole opener and do not damage the ceiling, especially the ceiling of gypsum ceiling.

    The opening diameter can be slightly larger according to the specified opening size of each horn. In actual construction, it is easier to install and take out, especially the gypsum ceiling. If the horn is installed tightly, it is easy to damage the gypsum board when it is removed.

    3. Installation of ceiling horn. It's best to wait for the painter to finish painting and install it carefully. Usually, electricians install all kinds of lights at this time. In short, these processes need to be well coordinated with other types of work on site, not only considering their own progress, but also communicating, learning and communicating with them frequently.


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