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What is difference between Ethernet switch and industrial router?
  • 1. Different appearance

    Industrial routers have WAN/LAN ports, which can also be connected to cellular networks and refract WiFi signals. It is necessary to expand the coverage range of the signal, so its antenna includes a full frequency rod antenna, WIFI uses a high gain antenna, or a full frequeny rod antenna can be selected for signal external connection, making the signal more stable.

    The exchange port is mainly used to expand the network and access more networked terminal devices, so there are more LAN ports, ranging from 8 to 16. There are even 24 or 48 port switches on the market. At the same time, as it uses wired networking, there is no need to use it with an antenna.

  • 2. Different functional roles (application scenarios also vary)

    Industrial router: It is used to connect networks and can connect different networks. It is commonly used in outdoor parking lots, intelligent water conservancy, industrial oil fields and underground monitoring, pollution source on-site monitoring, security wireless video monitoring and other projects.

    And switches only expand LAN access points, allowing more terminals to connect to the internet, usually applied in indoor projects that are convenient for wiring.

    3. Different network processing

    Industrial wireless routers can automatically assign IP and virtual accounts to local area networks; The network layer supports the TCP/IP protocol and handles IP address addressing; Support firewall to ensure secure data access. At the same time, the Jixun industrial router supports protocols such as IPsec/L2TP/PPTP/GRE/l2tpoverIpsec; Support operator APN private network access and specify IP address; Embedded with various protocols such as PPP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, MODBUS-TCP, MODBUS-RTU, etc., compatible with manufacturer's private protocols; Multi layer encryption transmission ensures the security and accuracy of data, and data transmission meets financial level standards.

  • Industrial router

    Industrial routers are a type of device that utilizes public wireless networks to provide users with wireless data transmission capabilities. It has been widely used in the M2M industry in the IoT industry chain, such as smart grids, intelligent transportation, smart homes, financial IoT wireless routers, mobile POS terminals, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital healthcare, remote sensing surveying, agriculture, forestry, water, coal mining, petrochemicals and other fields.

    Feature of industrial router

  • 1. High stability

    Industrial grade routers use high-quality and durable wireless modules and industrial grade components, and have significant anti-interference performance. Therefore, industrial grade wireless routers have extremely high stability and good weather resistance to ensure their efficient operation efficiency, whether in harsh cold or high temperature conditions.

    2. Strong compatibility and fast transmission speed

    A reliable industrial grade 4G wireless router has strong compatibility and can support standards for a wider range of devices, making installation and use more convenient for users.

    3. Fast transmission speed

    Supporting more standards for different devices, making it more convenient for users to install and use. Secondly, due to the significant improvement and enhancement in CPU processing speed of the new industrial grade 4G wireless router, its WIFI transmission speed will also be greatly improved, thereby meeting the wireless transmission needs of users for big data and achieving clear and smooth transmission effects

    4. Wide coverage

    Industrial grade 4G wireless routers use professional and high-quality main frequency processors, which have stronger data processing capabilities and coverage range to meet customer needs .


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