What is power extension reel?
  • Cable reel is a cable winding device that provides power supply, control power supply or control signal for large mobile equipment. It is widely used in Port Portal Crane, container crane, ship loader, tower crane and other heavy machinery and equipment under similar working conditions.

  • How power extension reel works

    The power part and speed regulation part on the cable drum are borne by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. The motor has wide speed regulation range and soft mechanical characteristics. When the load changes, the working speed of the motor also changes accordingly, that is, the load increases, the speed decreases, the load decreases and the speed increases. Moreover, the motor can run stably for a long time at any point on the mechanical characteristic curve of torque and speed, so it can ensure that the cable can obtain appropriate winding speed and tension on the corresponding radius of the reel.

    1. The output torque of the cable winding motor is used as the power to drive the reel to collect the cable through the deceleration part.

    2. Release the output torque of the cable motor as the blocking force to prevent the cable from rapidly opening the reel and ensure the synchronization of cable laying.

    3. During shutdown, the long-term locked rotor motor is equipped with disc normally closed brake, which can ensure that the cable will not slip from the reel due to gravity when the motor is powered off.

  • Product form editing and broadcasting

    The main products of cable drum are in the following forms: counterweight type, torque motor type, hysteresis type and variable frequency drive type.

    The cable drum is divided into spring driven cable drum and motor driven cable drum.

    Spring driven cable drum is used to control the winding and releasing of cables. It is mainly used in crane, stacking device or wastewater treatment technology.

    The coil spring driven drum is more reliable and cheaper, and can be replaced with the electric drum. Especially for mobile devices without internal power supply.

    The flange of the spring driven drum is made of galvanized metal sheet, and the outer edge of the flange is crimped. The reel core is made of metal plate, and the outer layer is protected by polyester coating, which can prevent corrosion.

    Service conditions of power extension reel

    The altitude shall not exceed 2000 meters.

    Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ - + 45 ℃.

    It is allowed to work in places exposed to rain, splashing water and no corrosive gas and dust.

    The maximum vibration condition of the installation position is: 1.5mm displacement at 5-13hz; At 13-150hz, the vibration acceleration is 10m / S2.

    The protection grade of collector box is IP54.

    Technical parameters of power extension reel

    Rated working voltage: 380V, 10kV.

    Rated current: the collector with type I slip ring is equipped with a single ring bearing rated current of 400A.

    The rated current of single ring of collector equipped with type II slip ring is 63A.

    The rated current of single ring of collector equipped with type III slip ring is 10A.

    The rated current of single ring of collector equipped with type IV slip ring is 160A.

    The rated current of single ring of collector equipped with V-type slip ring is 800A.

    The adjustment range of output torque of single driving head is 130-300nm.

    Advantages of household power extension reel

    With the rapid development of electrical appliances, we often see that household electrical appliances have reel inside. So, what kind of function does the reel have in electrical appliances?

    Fbelec introduces the functions of electrical appliances.Some friends may not be very familiar with the power line reel. In fact, the reel uses the telescopic storage structure to store the power line supporting the electrical appliance inside the electrical appliance, which can avoid the space disorder caused by too long winding of the wire. An automatic telescopic reel realizes perfect storage in a few seconds, which improves the customer's experience in using electrical products.

    For example: vacuum cleaner, ironing machine, household refrigerator, soybean milk machine, hair dryer used in shampoo shop and other electrical products. Show you a convenient take-up function. The appearance of the take-up function of the reel is to deeply expand the advertising market and make more electrical products continuously upgrade and manufacture new product selling points. It improves the competitive advantage of electrical appliance enterprises in the market. It has the characteristics of convenient and fast take-up (for many electrical products that often need to be moved, installing a reel on it is a good choice), small investment (the price of a reel also ranges from more than ten to dozens), safety (if the home line is not recovered in time, it may bring unnecessary potential safety hazards), small volume and so on.


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