What is the difference between voice chips and sound modules
  • The application of voice chips and voice modules is in electronic products, so many people feel that there is no difference between the two. In fact, the so-called modules are logically divided, and when implementing a set of certain functions, they are modules, while the voice chipset is more than one chip.
  • 1. Voice Chip
    The speech chip actually converts speech signals into numbers through sampling, and then stores them in the ROM of the IC. The circuit will restore these numbers into speech signals. Simply put, after recording, the recorded voice is burned into the chip and then played through the speaker.

    2. Sound Module
    The voice module is actually a type of module that combines recording and playback functions. In home appliances, telephone, conference and other recording systems, as well as in monitoring devices or high-end toys, there are also some teaching devices that have voice modules.

    3. Summary
    There is generally no difference between voice chips and voice modules, but they are different in application and design. The voice module is a semi-finished product with voice playback function, and if it is to be applied, secondary development must be carried out. The voice chip can be used directly, and the cost is relatively low.

  • What is Power amplifier module of Sound Recorder Board

    The production process of the Sound Module is complex, mainly including piezoelectric film capacitance, group capacity meter, welding piezoelectric film wire, discharge piezoelectric flm, pouring piezoelectric film, 1600H, glue, cover plate, testing, pouring Epoxy, aging, audiometry, printing, visual inspection, sealing paper, packaging. FBELE has first-class production technology in China.


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