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27mm 4.0KHZ internal piezo electric elements

Piezo Ceramic Element FT-27T-4.0A1
  • Part No.: FT-27T-4.0A1

    Resonance Frequency (kHz) : 4.0±0.5

    Resonance Impedance(Ω)≤500

    Capacitance(pF) 30000±30%

    Dielectric Loss ≤5%

    Input Voltage (Vp-p) ≤30

    Operating Temperature(℃) -20~+70

    Storage Temperature(℃) -30~+80

    Metal Material Brass

    Metal Plate Diameter(mm) D=φ27±0.2

    Ceramic Disc Diameter(mm d=φ20±0.5

    Metal Plate Thickness(mm) t=0.2±0.02

    Total Thickness(mm) T=0.43±0.05

Description: 27mm 4.0KHZ internal piezo electric elements   

Fr(KHz): 4.0±0.3   

Cp(±30%nf): 20   

D: Ø20.0   

T: 0.20   

27mm 4.0KHZ internal piezo electric elements
  • FT-27T-4.0A1
  • Precautions for soldering piezo element with electric iron: The soldering of the piezo film requires the use of a soldering iron. So what are the precautions when soldering the piezoelectric film with the soldering iron? FBelec sorted out the following points: The first point is that the new electric soldering iron should be tinned before use, and the resistance value of the multimeter should be confirmed to be between 2~3kΩ. The second point is that when using an electric soldering iron, general,Soldering iron temperature: 350 ± 5 ° C, welding time: within 3.0 ± 0.5 seconds The third point is that it is strictly forbidden to beat the soldering iron arbitrarily during use. Fourth, during the soldering process, the electric soldering iron should not be placed everywhere, and should be placed on the soldering iron stand when not soldering. The fifth point, after the end of use, the power should be cut off in time, and then put the soldering iron back into the toolbox after cooling. FBelec's soldering technology is first-class and trustworthy in China,FBelec also can supply electric soldering iron, looking forward to your consultation,Our Tel: 18868647636


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