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23*9.8mm 12V active continous Beep

Piezo Buzzer FBPB2398
Size: 23*9.8   

Rated Voltag (V): 12   

Operating Voltage (V): 3~24   

Current Consumption (mA): ≤10   

SPL (dB): ≥85@10cm   

Resonant Frequency (Hz): 3500±500   

Description: 23*9.8mm 12V active continous Beep    

23*9.8mm 12V active  continous Beep
  • FBPB2398
  • What does the volume of the buzzer have to do with? There are two kinds of buzzer, namely electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer. The sound principle between them is different, so the reasons affecting the sound of piezoelectric sounder are also different. Generally, the hardware indicators that affect the sound size of the piezo buzzer (beeper) include voltage, coil, support, diaphragm, size, cavity design, etc. among them, the audible elements has a great relationship, and the quality of the buzzer itself will also affect its volume. FBelec has more than 20 years of production experience, automatic production and first-class quality. Consult the sales manager of FBelec


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