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Animal Programmable Sounds Effects Dog Talking Recordable Buzzer Button

Sound Button FBSB-001
Size: 72*28mm   

Description: Animal Programmable Sounds Effects Dog Talking Recordable Buzzer Button   

Shape: round   

Sound length: 15 seconds   

Built-in speaker: 29mm, 8 ohm/0.25 watt   

Power supply: 2AAA batteries   

Animal Programmable Sounds Effects Dog Talking Recordable Buzzer Button
  • FBSB-001
  • FBelec Supply Recordable Answer Talking Buzzer Custom Sound Dog Buttons. The electronic buzzer device that makes a sound (a buzz) when the crystals in his interior are excited by electic current.
  • Animal Programmable Sounds Effects Dog Talking Recordable Buzzer Button
  • Multi color Voice Recording Button Dog Buttons for Communication Interactive Dog Talking Button Set Animal Communication Button 30 Seconds Recordable Answer Buzzers for Pet.

    About this Buzzer Button
    Message: The recorder button provides 30 seconds of recording time, which you can use to send a message or leave some short reminders, and you can change the recording, which is easy to carry and can be used multiple times.

    Train your pet: Because the cat communication button can record many phrases, such as walking, water, and playing, you can train your pet to press the button when you want to do the corresponding activity; different buttons can be options for different training.

    To communicate, simply press the animal button, and it will record when you hear the beep sound. When the recording is finished, release the button and listen for the beep sound, which indicates that the recording was successful. voice, easy and convenient

    Use with assurance: Your package includes six animal talking buttons made of high-quality ABS plastic. Each button is powered by two AAA batteries (not included), resulting in low power consumption and long-term use.

    Wide range of applications: The recordable answer button can be used as an interactive toy and language educational toy for parents and children, making your relationship more intimate and cultivating children's response ability.

    To meet your needs, FBelec offers a variety of piezo buzzer options. From self-oscillating buzzers to multi-tone sound generators, our piezo buzzers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

    Please contact FBelec today to learn more about our Sound Button products.


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