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    FBelec intelligent alarm adopts GSM wireless network as the center for alarm data transmission, which is sensitive to detection, strong in anti-interference, accurate and reliable in alarm, simple in installation and convenient in use. It is a practical new anti-theft product for household, commercial, electric power and petrochemical. The simple alarm system consists of a front-end detector, an intermediate transmission part and an alarm host. For larger systems, the detector and alarm host can also be regarded as the front-end part, the transmission part is from the alarm host to the alarm receiving machine, and the central alarm receiving part is regarded as the back-end part.

    A complete set of anti-theft alarm system should be composed of intelligent security products such as intelligent fingerprint lock, gas alarm, monitoring alarm, infrared detector, smoke alarm, door and window detector, etc. When the anti-theft alarm system detects an intrusion, it will automatically alarm, and the alarm will ring, so that our users can know the security situation at the first time, have a variety of security, take the initiative to attack, and prevent various security risks and theft events.

    How it works

    1.Customize your system

    Its working principle is that when the burglar enters from the gate, the door magnet will immediately send a signal to the host when it detects an abnormality; When entering from the window, the curtain type infrared detector will immediately send a signal to the host when it detects an abnormal signal; If the burglar breaks the glass to steal, the glass breaking detector will send a signal to the host; Entering the living room, the wide-angle infrared detector will immediately send a signal to the host when it detects an abnormality.

    2.Set up in minutes

    It is easy to install. Please refer to the manual. As long as the power is plugged in, no installation tools are required. If you have any questions, you can consult One of our professionals.

    3.We protect your home 24/7

    Family security is not only to prevent robbery and theft, but also to deal with the ubiquitous family security risks. Under the pressure of busy work, modern young people often have no time to take care of the elderly and children who need to be looked after at home, so the demand for family security products is particularly urgent. However, traditional security products have single functions and lack intelligence. Your home needs a complete set of FBelec smart home security system to protect our home 24 hours a day.

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