• Spring Coil

    Spring coil usually refers to the conductor winding in a ring shape. Common coil applications include: motor, inductor, transformer, ring antenna, etc. Spring coil is mainly used in the field of electronic communication, and has been applied in TV technology, audio and video technology, communication transmission, reception, power filter, VCD RF head, antenna amplifier, radio recorder, wireless microphone, set-top box, CATV and electronic products.

    DC Coreless Motor Types


    • L –Left Turn

    • P –Pitch

    • S –Centre

    • V –Vertical Mount

    FBelec is a professional manufacturer of high-end coil springs. The company has strong technical strength and passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification FBelec spring is preferred for coil spring, which is of high quality and high precision Focusing on the design and development of air core coils, professional air core coil manufacturers specializing in air core coils, spring coils, flat coils and inductance coils, air core coils, patch coils, enamelled wire coils and SMD coils

    Product features:

    1. Portable, small size and light weight

    2. Easy to test, open coil for easy access

    3. Wide frequency range

    4. Comply with RoHS,Lead-free , environmentally friendly


    1. Customized according to your samples, drawings, or unique requirements of the specification.

    2. Long service life: it has more than 10 kinds of life testing equipment, providing the best guarantee for the coil life

    3. All products are 100% tested

    4. Superior materials and excellent quality: the materials are mainly high quality enamelled wires and enamelled self-adhesive wires from Elisola in Switzerland, Daihei and Dongte in Japan.

    5. Short delivery time and fast sample

    6. Advanced equipment and skills

    7. Passed ISO9001 certification system

    8. There are many kinds of coils, which can be used as air core coils, wireless charger coils, skeleton coils, hearing aid coils, trigger coils, etc.

    9. High customer service satisfaction: Fuying Coil has achieved excellent results of "zero return" for three consecutive years, and has received more than 90 points of satisfaction from customers


    1. Mainly used for power supply

    2. Auto parts, electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, toys, etc.

    3. Automotive electronics, high-frequency household appliances, wireless reception, power filter, audio technology, intercom communication, medical electronics, new energy and other fields.

    4. Coil, choke coil, common mode coil, ferrite bead, power inductor, patch type and pin type. Widely used in networks, telecommunications, computers, AC power supplies and peripheral equipment

    5. Low DC impedance design, low loss, high output, small inductance function range.

    6. Widely used in mobile phones, VCO, TCXO circuits, RF transceiver modules, GPS, wireless networks, Bluetooth modules

    7. Communication equipment, LCD TV, camera, laptop, inkjet printer, photocopier, display monitor

    8. Game console, color TV, VCR, CD player, camera, digital camera, automotive electronic products, etc.

    The hollow coil is composed of two parts, namely the hollow heel coil. The central idea of hollow Gu is that there is nothing. The coil, that is, the guide wire, is wound one by one. The wires are insulated from each other. When the current flows through the wire, a magnetic field can be generated around the coil. The strength of the magnetic field is proportional to the strength of the current flowing through the coil and the number of turns of the coil. Similarly, in a certain magnetic field, a coil is used to cut magnetic lines of force, and the same magnetic field can be converted into electrical energy. Using this magnetoelectric conversion principle, relays, motors, wireless devices, horns and other devices can be made,

    The hollow coil is mainly used for induction reception, focusing, magnetic card, magnetic head, high current coil, low-voltage electrical appliances, industrial control, household appliances, car electronics, SMT mounting, mobile phone, wireless transceiver, electronic navigator, power regulator, amplifier.

    Spring Coil Widely used in mobile phones, VCO, TCXO circuits

    RF transceiver modules GPS, wireless network, Bluetooth module, communication equipment, LCD TV, camera, notebook computer, inkjet printer

    Advantages of FBelec coil:

    1. Quick response and delivery date. Promise to give you detailed quotation description and product information in the fastest time; General conventional products are in stock to ensure immediate delivery

    2. High quality products and prices: FBelec reduces the cost of the company and ensures the high quality and low price of the products through the air core coil winding machine automation equipment.

    3. The best service: All products sold by our company enjoy one-to-one guidance service from engineers. Mass or long-term cooperative customers can become VIP customers of our company and enjoy more affordable prices and VIP like services.

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