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    FBelec is a professional industrial harness manufacturer, whose products have passed the environmental protection certification and are widely used in office automation, automobile, communication, industrial equipment, instruments, household appliances and other industries

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    FBelec provides customers with professional wire harness processing solutions, mainly providing services for wire harness, wire harness processing, wire harness customization, industrial control wire harness processing, medical wire harness customization, automobile, ventilator, laser, aviation plug, DB head wire harness, etc


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    Standardized electronic harnesses are subject to a series of QA/QC inspections before being placed on the market


    About Wire Harnesses

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    1.Why does the electronic harness break the core?

    There are three reasons for this: First, the quality of the harness raw materials and cables is not up to standard, the flexibility is not enough, or the wire diameter is not enough; Second, when the wire harness is being cut, the wire feeding roller presses the wire too tightly, causing the wire core to break; Third, when crimping the terminal of the harness, the machine is adjusted too tightly, and the downward pressure of the blade is too large, causing the core wire to break.

    2.Why does the electronic harness have faulty soldering?

    When the wire harness is welded and processed, if the wire core does not have enough tin, or the contact surface of the two wire cores is too small, false soldering will occur. As the welding point is covered with insulating sleeve, the appearance cannot be seen. Some problems can be found in the quality inspection process. If the wire harness is installed on the equipment, it will be prone to failure.

    3.What are the requirements for wire harness processing and manufacturing?

    a. The tightness of the protective layer outside the harness must be the same;

    b. The harness terminal shall be installed in place in the sheath and shall not be detached;

    c. The insulation layer on the surface of harness contact shall be good, and the conductor shall not have indentation;

    d. The harness must be assembled correctly without dislocation or leakage

    4.How are the wires of the harness classified?

    Wires can be divided into electronic wires and cable wires according to their properties: Electronic wires include unshielded wires and shielded wires (UL1571 wires have shielded wires, and other electronic wires are generally unshielded wires);

    Cable wires also include unshielded wires and shielded wires, such as UL2464, which can be divided into these two types.

    According to standards: UL/CSA (safety regulation line), CCC (national standard line), VDE (German standard line), PSE (daily standard line), etc

    5.What are the raw materials of automobile wire harness?

    The raw materials of automobile wire harness include the main materials and auxiliary materials that constitute the wire harness. The main materials include wire terminals, sheaths, fuse boxes, and the auxiliary materials include rubber parts, waterproof bolts, adhesive tapes, PVC pipes, corrugated pipes, industrial plastic cloth, insurance sheets, relays, ties, buckles, brackets, diodes, etc.

    6.How to better understand application requirements:

    By understanding the use of electronic harnesses, we can better understand the cost of customized harnesses in different industries. For example, the customization cost of electronic harnesses in the medical industry is higher.

    7.How can the harness have higher performance and longer life?

    Customized electronic harnesses require more rigorous testing to ensure functionality, and because the material requirements are more durable, there is less need to replace the ordered components, which can effectively reduce the overall cost.

    8.How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of connecting lines

    To judge the quality of the connecting wire, we should not only look at the appearance size, but also the thickness of the copper core inside. Because some connecting wires are made of extremely thick rubber while the copper core is very thin, it is mainly determined by the size of the copper core cutting section.

    Wire Harness Applications:

    The harness is mainly applied in six fields:

    1. Motor: commodity motor, industrial motor, automobile motor.

    2. Office: printer, copier, scanner.

    3. Industry: inkjet barcode printer, laser printer, industrial power supply, power protector, testing equipment.

    4. Finance: ATM, cash register and terminal.

    5. Medical treatment: monitor, anesthesia machine, digital ultrasound machine, blood/biochemical analyzer, radiation imaging equipment.

    6. IT products: laptops, multimedia audio, monitors, mobile phones, power supplies, security equipment.

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    A Leader in Wire Harness Manufacturer

    FBelec is a high-quality wire harness manufacturer in China, with timely delivery speed to meet the production needs of large and small customers

    25+ Year Track Record

    FBelec is a wire harness processing factory, focusing on all kinds of wire harness processing, wire harness customization and wire harness production. The factory has 20 years of wire harness processing experience, customized on demand, to meet your one-stop wire harness needs

    The Highest Quality Standards

    Through decades of improvement, FBelec has achieved and industry-leading defect rate of less than 0.01%.

    Focus on Long-Term Relationships

    1. Give priority to communication with customers.

    2. Respond quickly.

    3. Always provide after-sales service and address customers' concerns

    Stable Supply & Production Management

    Everyone in our team is included in CE, UL, ISO9001, 14001, IATF16949 System Management in 25 years

    Committed to Environmental Sustainability

    We are committed to conserving the environment for future generations and hold various international certifications, including RoHS and REACH.