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    Battery Management Systems (BMS)

    The BMS battery management system (BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), commonly known as battery nanny or battery butler, is mainly used to intelligently manage and maintain each battery unit, prevent overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, extend the service life of the battery, and monitor the status of the battery.

    The BMS battery management system unit includes a BMS battery management system, a control module, a display module, a wireless communication module, electrical equipment, a battery pack used to supply power to electrical equipment, and a collection module used to collect battery information of the battery pack. The BMS battery management system is respectively connected with the wireless communication module and the display module through the communication interface. The output end of the collection module is connected with the input end of the BMS battery management system, The output end of the BMS battery management system is connected with the input end of the control module, the control module is connected with the battery pack and electrical equipment respectively, and the BMS battery management system is connected with the server end through the wireless communication module.

    Introducing the New n3-BMS

    The BMS system is used to manage and maintain the working state of the battery unit. On the basis of real-time monitoring of the working state of the battery, it can also prevent the overcharge and overdischarge of the battery. Effectively prolong the service life of the battery. The performance of BMS system has a direct impact on the overall performance of electric vehicles. The BMS system can improve the power performance and the range of electric vehicles.

    BMS system generally includes two parts: detection module and control module. The detection module measures the voltage, current and temperature of the battery cell in real time, and simultaneously measures the voltage of the battery pack in real time. The control module processes the measurement results, estimates the battery status through specific algorithms, and sends out corresponding instructions to achieve battery fault diagnosis and battery protection functions.

    Main Features:

    ●Distributed system

    ●ISO 26262 certified on ASIL C Level

    ●12 voltage channels per slave

    ●Up to 360 cells in series

    ●2 temp. channel cell monitoring (slave) units

    36- 1000 V

    Up to 2000A

    3 CAN ports

    ●CREATOR config. software

    ●Designed for commercial heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses

    The n3-BMS's master control unit is fully compatible with Sensata Technologies / Lithium Balance's

    other high voltage distributed BMS solution, the n-BMS, allowing customers to easily and cost- efficiently upgrade from n-BMS to n3 BMS once a certifed solution is required.

    Low-Profile SMT Battery Holders

    The production process of FBelec button battery holder has been comprehensively upgraded. In order to promote the market, we will focus on the high quality BS-CR2032-1 BS-CR1220-2 gold plated patch BS-CR2032-6 BS-CR2032-8 battery holder, which is available at an ultra-low price. You are welcome to call, ask for samples and negotiate!

    The button battery holder is widely used in computer mainboard, electronic scales, electronic equipment, security equipment and other electronic products to fix the battery Features

    ●Gold-plated phosphor bronze contacts

    ●Designed for both lead free solder and traditional reflow

    ●Nylon housings




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