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    SMD buzzer is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, woven and packaged, and easy to transport

    The voltage of SMT buzzer is low, the sound pressure is high, and it can usually reach 85db at 1.5V, so the response frequency of the electromagnetic buzzer can be very low

    SMD buzzer is small,but small body has a lot of energy. It can also emit the same frequency or even decibels as the cylindrical buzzer. You don't need to worry about not enough sound when using it as a reminder.

    SMD buzzer is Widely used in small electronic devices, such as MP4 Bluetooth reversing radar, medical equipment, toy UAV camera, car DVD, water dispenser control panel, etc


    The buzzer is a kind of electronic buzzer with integrated layout, which often gives out the alarm sound of "beep, beep, beep". It is widely used in automobile, communication, white electricity, medical, security, intelligent and other electronic products as a sound device. Specializing in the production of chip buzzer, as a special driving circuit for piezoelectric buzzer with high-performance BTL output, has accepted new decision-making ideas and wonderful technologies, which has greatly improved the product equivalence and various wonderful technical indicators; The IC has the results of active frequency tracking and temperature compensation, so that the buzzer will not drift with the changes of operating voltage and ambient temperature. By accepting the SOP-8 chip packaging, we can fully accept the chip components and the chip process, replacing most of the inductive boost drives, greatly improving the manufacturing compliance and reducing the manufacturing cost.

    SMD buzzer is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, woven and packaged, and easy to transport

    SMD buzzer classification and process

    1. SMD buzzer and pin buzzer.

    2. The SMT buzzer is used for surface mounting. The SMT chip and reflow soldering are used to meet the welding requirements. The welding process is simple.

    3. The pin buzzer passes through the welding hole of PCBA, and the wave soldering meets the welding requirements with mature technology.

    4. At present, there is another installation process to connect the two, which is called welding free buzzer. If SMT is used to weld several large buzzers, the welding reliability can not meet the requirements of automobile level. As a result, the solderless buzzer was buttoned on the PCBA. This layout can meet the requirements of no welding and stability and reliability.

    5. SMD is square because of its ultra small and ultra-thin characteristics. Piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer can be subdivided into chip buzzer, so they are mainly used for making sound, just like piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer, and are generally used in products with limited shape and layout.


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    What is a piezo buzzer?

    Piezoelectric buzzer is a kind of sound generator which uses piezoelectric ceramics as the electroacoustic transducer. The core of this device is the energy exchange part which is pasted on the metal sheet with piezoelectric ceramic sheets, namely piezoelectric buzzer. Piezoelectric buzzer, which has no radio frequency noise and low power consumption, has attracted much attention and developed rapidly.

    How do you activate a piezo buzzer?

    The passive buzzer is generally not directly driven by the IO port of the microcontroller. The current of the IO port is limited, and the passive buzzer is driven by a triode switch circuit.The circuit of the active buzzer is the same as that of the passive buzzer. This kind of buzzer can be used to drive ordinary LED lights. It can be used to make or stop the buzzer by directly raising or lowering the level.


    1,What is the main function of the chip buzzer?

    SMD buzzer is a kind of electromagnetic device that can emit sound similar to buzzer. It is often used to replace the electric bell or as an audio frequency current generator. Chip buzzer is an electronic buzzer with integrated structure, powered by DC voltage, and widely used in household appliances, banks, computers, printers, copiers, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers, police alarm systems and other electronic products.

    2,What is the driving principle of the chip buzzer?

    Compared with the led, the buzzer needs more current, and some buzzers need more current than the port can provide. Therefore, driving the buzzer is not only connected to the port like driving the LED, but also realized by using a triode. When the port outputs high level 5V, the transistor is on, which is equivalent to closing the switch; When the port output is low level, transistor Q1 turns off, which is equivalent to switching off.

    3,What is included in the quality inspection of the chip buzzer?

    The first is appearance test. The surface of the buzzer is clean, free of damage, dirt, deformation and other mechanical damage, and the color is consistent

    Secondly, we can use the caliper object to detect the size of the buzzer. Measure the main body size, pin spacing and pin size of the buzzer with a caliper. After testing, try to match the corresponding PCB. The third is performance testing, which requires specific equipment to detect parameters such as sound pressure

    4,How to check whether the active buzzer is good or not?

    When measuring its quality, as long as it is connected to the appropriate DC voltage, if it cannot make a sound or the sound is very small, it is basically useless. The common fault of the active buzzer is that the internal audio oscillation circuit is damaged due to the reverse connection of the power supply polarity or the high access voltage. This active buzzer is very cheap, and it is generally unnecessary to repair it after it is damaged, just replace it with a new one.

    5,How to test passive buzzer?

    The passive buzzer is only a coil inside, and its structure is similar to that of a headset. When working, the two ends of the coil are connected with audio frequency oscillation signals, and the alternating magnetic force generated by the coil drives the metal sheet on the internal magnet to generate mechanical vibration, so as to emit a buzzer. To judge whether the buzzer is good or bad, you can directly measure the resistance between its two pins with the multimeter resistance gear. Under normal circumstances, the resistance is generally within one hundred and ten Ω. If the measured resistance is infinite, it indicates that the buzzer is damaged. The common fault of this passive buzzer is that the pin and coil are soldered off. In this case, it is usually replaced with a new one.

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