Coreless Brushless Dc Motors

  • FBelec's Coreless Brushless DC Motors are great for applications where high performance is the top priority. You should consider Coreless Brushless Motors for more demanding applications due to the higher power to weight ratios and longer life when compared to a traditional DC Motor.


    Precision applications require precision motors. Our coreless brushless motors can be found in applications such as these:
    Dental & Medical Imaging Equipment
    Precision Measuring Instruments
    Medical Devices
    Automated Commercial Door Operators
    Dispensing Equipment

  • Coreless brushless motor with a diameter of motors of medical devices

  • Small Brushless Dc Motors

    Analysis of the advantages of dc coreless motor

    1. Small volume

    The volume of the hollow cup vibration motor is very small, usually only a few millimeters, so it can be easily embedded in various small devices.

    2. Lightweight

    The weight of the hollow cup vibration motor is very light, usually only a few grams, so it can be easily embedded into various lightweight devices.

    3. Strong vibration

    The vibration effect of the coreless dc motor is very strong, which can produce a significant vibration effect, reminding users of new news or simulating the vibration effect in games.

    1) Connection Wires
    2) Back Cover
    3) Ball Bearing
    4) Hall Sensor PCB
    5) Winding
    6) Rotor
    7) Housing with Lamination
    8) Front Cover


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