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Piezoelectric Rings
  • Piezoelectric Rings

    FBelec is a leader in the design and manufacture of complex piezoelectric rings and assemblies used in a wide range of applications and cutting edge technologies. It has more than 25years manufacturing experience in producing piezo electric elements, Piezoelectric Rings.

  • Piezoelectric Manufacturing

  • Piezoelectric Manufacturing

    A ceramic composition mainly composed of PbZrO3 and PbTiO3 or other compounds with layered perovskite crystal structure that exhibit ferroelectricity at room temperature. The composition sample is placed in an alumina oven, where powdered zirconia is dispersed to prevent biting. An alumina cover plate is placed on the sample. Then, it is heated to a temperature of 1265 ℃ above the melting point of the ceramic composition (such as 1245 ℃), allowing it to melt or semi melt. After annealing and curing, This method can produce particle oriented ceramics from ceramic compositions mainly containing compounds with layered perovskite crystal structures, which can improve the electromechanical coefficient of high-voltage electrical ceramics.

  • Applications include

  • Automotive
    Acceleration sensors (wheel balancing machine)
    Knock sensors
    Electric rearview mirrors
    electric doors
    piezoelectric sensor

    Industrial Applications
    Inkjet printing
    Ultrasonic cleaning
    Ultrasonic machining
    Ultrasonic welding
    Medical Technology
    Plaque removal
    Surgical knives
    Ultrasonic medical tools
    Ultrasonic nebulizers
    Security & Protection
    Sonar technology & hydroacoustics

  • Features
    Standard metallisation: silver electrodes
    Evaporated and chemically deposited metallisation's available
    Thickness/Radial frequency tuning available on request
    Wide choice of piezoceramic formulations

  • Piezoelectric Rings

    Piezo rings or Piezoelectric Rings have a variety of functions and are suitable for numerous applications. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric ring deforms and/or vibrates. A DC voltage will cause the piezoelectric ring to deform, while an AC voltage will cause the piezo ring to vibrate allowing the ring to function as a piezo piezoelectric effect. Conversely, if mechanical strain (vibration or pressure) is introduced to the piezoelectric ring, it generates a current. The latter effect allows the piezo rings to function as a piezoelectric sensor. Both these principles can be used interchangeably in ring piezoelectric transducers.

    Piezo rings are small, versatile, and durable. They generate high power and are stable in extreme environments. Piezoelectric rings are often assembled into different shapes, stacks, and configurations to achieve the desired result, be it ultrasonic cleaning or nanopositioning.

    Ultrasonic cleaners
    Ultrasonic scalers
    Ultrasonic welders
    Optics and laser medical technology
    Microscopy and nanopositioning
    Shock and vibration measurement

    Size of Piezo Ceramic Rings

    The materials of Piezo Ceramic Ring or electric ring include PZT4, PZT5 and PZT8. The dimensions are 50 * 20 * 5, 30 * 12 * 5, 25 * 13 * 5, 40 * 20 * 5, 38 * 12 * 6.5, 60 * 30 * 10, 50 * 20 * 6, 50 * 17 * 6.5, 50 * 17 * 5, 45 * 15 * 5, 25 * 10 * 5, 38 * 15 * 5, 50 * 23 * 6.5 and 35 * 15 * 5

    Piezo Ceramic Rings:

    Piezoelectric ceramics or piezoelectric are a type of information functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other - the piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric ceramics not only have piezoelectricity, but also dielectric and elastic properties, and have been widely used in medical imaging, sound sensors, sound transducers, ultrasonic motors, and so on. Piezoelectric ceramics are made by utilizing the piezoelectric effect, which is caused by the relative displacement of internal positive and negative charge centers under mechanical stress, resulting in opposite sign bound charges appearing on the surfaces of the two ends of the material,

    Customization Options:

    At FBelec, we understand that each application is unique. That's why we offer customized options for piezoelectric ceramic rings . Regardless of whether you require specific dimensions, shapes, or performance features, we can work with you to create customized solutions that meet your precise requirements. We have our own mold engineers to create molds.

    FBelec provides various piezoelectric rings . Shape, smoothness, material, size, and performance level can all be customized!

    Years of production experience, good product quality, and competitive prices. Welcome to inquire. Our company's products have passed strict quality system certification, quality assurance, and a full range of products are welcome for your consultation. Our professional research and development and production of piezoelectric ceramics have passed ISO90012024 certification.

    Ring Piezo Sensors

    Detailed Mechanics

    Ring shaped piezoelectric sensors harness mechanical energy and translate it into a proportional electrical output. When the ring piezo sensor is deformed or vibrates, the ring piezoelectric sensor produces an electrical output proportional to the mechanical input that caused the deformation or vibration of the ring piezo element. Ring piezoelectric sensors can also measure ultrasonic vibrations to generate power. Ring shaped piezo sensors are most commonly utilized in piezoelectric transducer assemblies and work in conjunction with piezoelectric actuators.


    Ring piezoelectric sensors are often used to measure distance, fluid levels, and air or liquid flow. This is usually done via the piezoelectric effect by converting ultrasonic energy into electrical energy. The ring piezo sensor measures the ultrasonic vibrations and produces an electrical output proportional to the incoming mechanical energy. Piezoelectric rings are also used in accelerometers, which translates changes in mechanical acceleration, vibration, or shock into a measurable electrical output. Ring piezoelectric sensors are often utilized in data acquisition systems in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing applications to analyze vibration data from machinery in real time.

    Ring Piezo Transducers

    Detailed Mechanics

    Ring piezoelectric transducers piezoelectric are the most commonly used ring shaped piezo element. Ring piezo transducers are able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy (like a piezoelectric sensor), and/or convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (like a piezo actuator). Piezoelectric transducers in a ring shape are typically used in stack actuator and ultrasonic applications. They are reliable, long lasting, and have very fast response times with the ability to measure or create ultrasonic vibrations.


    Ring piezoelectric transducers are often used in ultrasonic applications, including ultrasonic cleaners, generators, humidifiers, processors, and welders. In ultrasonic processors, the piezo transducer ring receives and electrical signal and converts it into a mechanical ultrasonic vibration that travels to the probe tip to produce the desired result. The mechanical result can be translated back into a readable electrical output to be measured. The ability to produce and measure ultrasonic vibrations is a powerful resource, making piezoelectric transducer rings a viable and efficient solution. In medical applications, ring piezo transducers are also utilized in ultrasound equipment and imaging.


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