What is magnetic contact?
  • The door magnetic switch is mainly composed of a switch and a magnet. The switch part is connected by a magnetic spring switch through a lead Shaped and packaged; The magnet part is encapsulated in a plastic or alloy shell by a magnet with corresponding magnetic field strength. When the two are separated or close to a certain distance, it will cause the switch to turn off, so as to sense the change of object position.

  • FBelec magnetic contact sensor can be added to the existing wired alarm system. They are ideal for protecting doors, windows and courtyard doors, as well as any opening devices such as drawers or cabinets. Magnetic contacts are ideal for use when PIR sensors are not suitable, such as where there are pets or animals.

    Magnetic contact are the most common sensing devices for sensing opening and closing of doors and windows. FBelec's MAGNETIC SWITCH are cheap and reliable. magnetic door alarm contacts can be added to existing wired Alarm Systems. Door alarm magnetic contacts is essentially a reed switch, encased in an ABS plastic shell.


    Door magnetic switches are mostly installed at home doors and windows. If necessary, we don't need to find someone. We can install them ourselves. First, buy the door magnetic switch and wipe the installation position of the door magnetic switch; Secondly, use screws to fix the switch part and magnet part on the door and door frame respectively, and pay attention to the corresponding position; Finally, install the cover plates of the two parts. So far, the door magnetic switch has been successfully installed.

    You can also consult FBelec engineers for purchase of Door Magnetic Contact Switch or Door Contacts, door sensor, alarm contact magnets, magnetic door contacts or Alarm Window Sensors, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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