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What is Magnetic Contact
  • Magnetic door switch is a common safety protection and alarm device in life, mainly used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, etc. are illegally opened or moved. Magnetic door switches are widely used in urban security, banking, telecommunications, electricity, residential areas, factories, schools, companies, homes, warehouses, etc. The door magnetic switch is mainly composed of two parts, one is a magnet that can generate a constant magnetic field, and the other is the door magnetic switch . The main function of the door magnetic switch is that when the two parts are separated by a certain distance, the Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts will trigger an electrical signal, and send this signal to the alarm system through the connecting line, and then the alarm system will sound the alarm and dial at the same time.

    The system preset alarm call. Since the door magnetic installation is generally hidden and difficult to find, it can usually play a better protective measure, so it is more popular in practical applications.

    The traditional door magnetic switch has a reed switch inside, and the contacts in the reed switch are normally closed when there is no magnetic field, and are disconnected when there is a magnetic field. Therefore, when the door and window are closed, the circuit in the door magnetic switch is disconnected due to the magnetic field of the magnet. When the door and window are opened, the magnet and the magnetic door magnet are separated to a certain distance, and the magnetic field disappears or weakens, which will cause the closed circuit of the reed switch to conduct, thus triggering the alarm signal. The reed switch in the traditional door sensor will age and wear with the increase of the number of times of use, which will reduce the service life and reduce the performance of the product. The use of Hall sensors instead of the reed switch can solve the above problems. question.


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