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What is the difference between glass tube fuse and ceramic tube fuse?
  • Ceramic vs glass fuse

  • The fuse tube is an electrical element that ensures the safe operation of the circuit and is one of the fuses. The glass tube fuse can effectively prevent the molten metal from splashing on other devices, and also insulate the high temperature. The common glass tube fuse is often used in electronic circuit boards with dense components. It can also be installed in the wire, plug or special fuse seat because it is convenient for quick replacement and maintenance; The closed safety tube can also be used for equipment in explosion-proof places.

  • Glass tube fuses can be divided into special slow speed fuses (generally expressed as TT), slow speed fuses (generally expressed as T), medium speed fuses (generally expressed as M), fast speed fuses (generally expressed as F), and special fast speed fuses (generally expressed as FF) according to the fusing speed. The diameter of glass tube is generally φ 5mm, 5X20mm are the most conventional glass tube fuses, which conform to IEC60127 standard.

  • There are important reasons for the selection of glass as the material of fuse tube. We have analyzed several main reasons.

    1. Glass tube is a kind of non-metallic tube with good performance and belongs to better insulating material

    2. Compared with ordinary glass, it has no side effects, mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, etc

    3. Widely used in chemical industry, aerospace, military, family, hospital and other fields

    4. It is easy to observe the fusing condition of the fuse and replace the fuse

    5. It has good promotion value and social benefits

    6. Low cost

    Differences between ceramic fuses vs glass fuses

    The fuse specifications of ceramic tube and glass tube are not universal. The over-current of ceramic fuse shall be higher than that of glass tube. The quartz sand in ceramic has the function of cooling and arc extinguishing. When the current exceeds the nominal capacity, glass tube can not be used to replace ceramic. On the contrary, ceramics that replace glass tubes will also lose their protection. Fuses are thermal effects. Ceramic fuses have good heat dissipation, and their current is greater than that of glass tubes. After the ceramic fuse is broken, it can not be seen by eyes, but can be seen by glass tube fuse; Ceramic fuses are not easy to break, while glass tube fuses are easy to break.

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