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  • FBelec piezo disc manufacturer , widely used in ultrasound, with stable performance and complete specifications, can be applied in various industries, widely used in chemical engineering, air transducers, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, and can be customized according to customer requirements, Piezoelectric Disc have complete specifications and are used in welding, cleaning, beauty, medical and other application fields. With 25 years of industry experience, we can provide various technical support and solutions to ensure the quality of piezoelectric ceramics.piezo ceramic disc And piezo disks.

  • Custom piezo components for many applications

    including industrial, medical, commercial, automotive, and more

  • FBelec Streamlines Your Concept to Production Process

    1 Step is Exploration

    Under NDA, after receiving your specifications, we can provide pricing, project cost,and a preliminary schedule quickly for your piezo disc

    2 Step is Production

    Once the project is approved,we can create a detailed milestone schedule with bl-weekly updates to your team and on-call support when needed.

    3 Step is Testing

    We provide first-phase piezo electric elements for your in-house testing. If additional modifications are required, we can make fast changes.

    4 Step Ongoing Support

    We provide responsive ongoing support and custom piezoelectric ceramic upgrades with on-time delivery.

    Custom piezo ceramic element

    Piezoelectric Discs

    1、 Overview of Single Crystal and Double Crystal Piezoelectric Ceramics

    Piezoelectric ceramics are functional materials that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can be used in fields such as sensing, control, and driving. piezoelectric element are divided into two types based on their different crystal structures: single crystal and twin crystal.

    Piezoelectric ceramic single crystal refers to a piezoelectric elements with only one lattice direction in its crystal structure, for example, strontium barium titanate (PZT) single crystal is a typical piezoelectric ceramic single crystal. Piezoelectric ceramic twin refers to a piezoelectric material with two lattice directions in its crystal structure. For example, lithium niobate (LiNbO3) is a commonly used piezoelectric ceramic twin.

    2、 The difference between single crystal and twin crystal piezoelectric ceramics

    1) Differences in crystal structure

    The crystal structure of piezoelectric ceramic single crystals only contains one piezoelectric polarization direction, so their piezoelectric performance will change with different crystal growth directions. The crystal structure of piezo electric disc twin crystals contains two lattice directions, so their piezoelectric performance is not limited by the growth direction and has better directionality.

    2) Differences in electrical performance

    There are also differences in electrical performance between single crystal and twin crystal piezo disk. Piezoelectric ceramic single crystals have advantages such as high voltage coefficient, low energy consumption, and high mechanical quality factor, making them suitable for high-performance piezoelectric sensors, drivers, controllers, and other fields. Piezoelectric ceramic twin crystals have the characteristics of higher electro-optic coefficient, faster light response speed, and better radiation resistance, making them suitable for modulation, resonance, waveguide and other applications in the field of optoelectronics.

    3、 Application field

    Due to the different advantages of piezo electric disc performance and electrical properties between single crystal and double crystal piezoelectric ceramics, their application fields also differ.

    Piezoelectric ceramic single crystals are mainly used in high-performance piezoelectric sensors, drivers, controllers and other fields, as well as high-precision accelerometers, inertial navigation, acoustic fork oscillators, electronic watches and other electronic products. In addition, it can also be used for applications such as ultrasound imaging in the biomedical field.

    Piezoelectric ceramic twin crystals are widely used in modulation, resonance, waveguide and other applications in the field of optoelectronics. For example, in the field of lasers, piezo discs twin crystals such as lithium niobate can be used as Q-switches, modulators, frequency modulators, and other devices to achieve high-frequency, high-speed, and high-energy laser control.

    Piezoceramic Disks and Micro Disks
    For Sensing, Dispensing and Ultrasonic Applications

  • FBelec designs and manufactures world-class piezoelectric components, piezo ceramic , piezo rings , ultrasonic transducers and piezo mechanical devices fora wide range of industrial and medical applications.

    Standard and Custom Piezoelectric Transducer Disks

    Piezo disc transducers are available in standard, miniature, and custom designs for OEM applications. Standard disc transducers come in sizes from 2 mm to 50 mm diameter (~0.1 inch to 2 inch), and component thickness from 0.2 mm to 4 mm. Typical working and/or resonant frequencies range from 20kHz to 10MHz. The main products include piezoelectric ceramic sheets for ultrasonic sensors; Piezoelectric ceramic sheets for ultrasonic flow meters; Ultrasonic atomization, cleaning, welding, flaw detection, medical diagnosis, bubble detection, beauty instruments, underwater acoustic energy conversion, micro drives, etc

    Piezoelectric Micro Disk Transducers

    PZT micro disks come with outer diameters as small as 1 mm and thickness to 0.1 mm. Very tight tolerances, better than +/-30 um, can be achieved by our production process. The complete range of hard and soft PZT materials for all applications are available for miniaturized components, including, PIC151,PIC255, PIC181. PI Ceramic offers custom solutions to provide maximized performance to your applications.

    Ultrasonic Transducer Applications

    Ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy (sound energy), usually made of piezoelectric ceramics or other magnetostrictive materials. Common examples of ultrasonic transducers include ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic atomizers, B-ultrasound probes, etc.

    High Quality Piezo Materials and Production Process

    The production of high-performance piezo transducers requires high quality piezo materials, experience and state-of-the-art production equipment and quality control processes. FBelec Ceramic has several decades of experience in the design and manufacture of world-class PZT components such as ultrasonic transducers, piezo motors, and piezo mechanical devices for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. Due to our patented solid-state design and ceramic insulation PIC components are regularly used in harsh environments, hard vacuum and extreme magnetic fields. Our piezoelectric actuators were used on the Mars mission due to their excellent long-term reliability and performance.

    Applications for Piezoceramic Transducers

    The following applications apply to piezo components made of ferroelectric soft PZT material (PIC255):
    Aerial ultrasound, sensor technologies, actuation technologies

    The fllowing applications apply to piezo components made of ferroelectric hard PZT material (PIC181):
    High-power ultrasound and SONAR

    The following customizations are available for OEMs and high quantity applications:
    Custom dimensions, custom piezo materials, custom contacting, electrical connections, and assemblies. Adaptations for special ambient conditions.


    Piezoelectric disc actuators are small, thin, lightweight, quiet, extremely fflcient with low power consumption, and have fast response times. They are widely used in a broad range of applications, especially air and fuid pumps, valves, and in commercial household applications as well. Piezoelectric discs do not require lubrication for operation and can function in harsh vacuum and cryogenic environments.

    The most common application for piezo ceramic discs is in air and fluid pumps. In the example of a fluid pump, as the actuator bends, the rapid deformation causes a difference in pressure between the outside of the chamber and the inside of the chamber, forcing the fluid to move through the chamber. When the current is created in the fluid and subsequently released, the piezo disc goes back to its original state. This can be seen in pumps for fish tanks, automatic espresso machines, propane stoves, and much more. When the piezo element in the pump receives the electrical voltage, the unimorph or bimorph actuator deforms to generate movement through the pump. Liquid cooling systems for CPUs computer, LED lights, etc. also uilie piezoelecric discs. To cool CPUs, disc actuators move coolant through the system and to the radiator which helps it cool.

    Sound converter

    Sound converters are one of the most common applications. Piezoelectric ceramics can be used as sound converters for devices such as pickups, microphones, headphones, buzzers, ultrasonic depth detectors, sonar, and material ultrasonic flaw detectors. The buzzer on children's toys vibrates through the reverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, producing sounds that can be heard by the human ear. Piezoelectric ceramics can generate vibrations of different frequencies through the control of electronic circuits, thereby emitting various different sounds. For example, electronic music greeting cards convert AC audio electrical signals into sound signals through the inverse piezoelectric effect.

    Piezoelectric detonator

    Since the British invented tanks during World War I and used them for the first time in battles on the Somme River in France, which dealt a heavy blow to the German army, tanks have shown their skills in multiple battles. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, due to the invention of anti tank weapons, tanks lost their former glory. The armor piercing shells fired by anti tank guns will immediately explode upon contact with the tank, shattering it to pieces. This is because the warhead is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, which can convert the strong mechanical force during collision into an instantaneous high voltage, explode sparks, and ignite explosives.

    Ultrasonic transducer

    Suitable for use in ultrasonic welding equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, mainly made of high-power emitting piezoelectric ceramics. Ultrasonic transducer is a device that can convert high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. As an energy converter, its function is to convert input electrical power into mechanical power (i.e. ultrasonic) and then transmit it out, while it consumes very little power.


    In naval warfare, the most difficult thing to deal with is submarines. They can dive underwater for a long time and sneak attacks on ports and ships unnoticed, causing great headaches for the enemy. How to search for enemy submarines? It's not enough to rely on the eyes, nor is it enough to use radar, because electromagnetic waves will rapidly attenuate in seawater and cannot effectively transmit signals. Detecting submarines relies on sonar - underwater ears. Piezoelectric ceramics are materials used to manufacture sonar. They emit ultrasonic waves, which are reflected back when encountering submarines. After being received and processed, they can measure the orientation and distance of enemy submarines.


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