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Instructions for use LED Module
  • The main light sources that use luminous characters are LED light source modules with a conventional input voltage of DC12V, which are commonly used for three, five, and six lights. They require a constant voltage switching power supply to output DC12V.

    For power supply, it is important to note that if a switch power supply is not installed when installing the LED light source, do not directly connect the LED light source module or the LED light source to the AC 220V power supply, otherwise it may burn out the LED light source due to high voltage.

  • To avoid long-term full load operation of the switching power supply, the optimal power ratio for the switching power supply and LED load is 1:0.8. According to this configuration, the product's service life will be safer and more durable.

    If the module exceeds 25 groups, it should be connected separately first, and then connected in parallel with high-quality copper core wires larger than 1.5 square millimeters to the outside of the luminous box. The length of the power cord should be as short as possible. If it exceeds 3 meters, the wire diameter must be appropriately increased. The unused connections at the end of the module must be cut and pasted firmly to avoid short circuits. If necessary, self tapping screws should be used to fix the non waterproof series. When used outdoors, waterproof measures must be taken for the groove type characters.

    It needs to have sufficient brightness. The visual brightness of the module spacing needs to be between 3 and 6CM, and the thickness of the characters can be selected between 5 and 15CM. There are two types of LED light sources suitable for luminous characters: piranhas and small grass hats. The piranha luminous module is suitable for luminous characters with a wall height between 8-15cm.

    When using LED luminous modules, it is important to pay attention to the issue of voltage drop. Never make just one circuit, connecting from the beginning to the end. This approach not only causes inconsistent brightness between the head and tail due to voltage differences, but also leads to the problem of burning out the circuit board due to excessive single current. The correct approach is to connect as many circuits in parallel as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current.

    If anti-corrosion materials are needed inside the character cavity, it is best to use white primer to increase its reflection coefficient.

  • Installation steps of LED light source module

    1. The budget for the number of light source modules is based on evenly spaced arrangements, and the distribution of light source modules is simulated on a computer to preliminarily estimate the required number of light source modules. The visual brightness of the module spacing needs to be between 3-150px, and the thickness of the characters can be selected between 5-325px.

    2. Calculate the power supply, design the budget for the number of LED light source modules in the distribution plan x the power of each individual light source module=the total power consumption. It is recommended to leave room for power supply selection and use it at 80% of the rated power.

    3. Install LED light source module A: Clean the installation surface B: Stick double-sided adhesive to the bottom of the module. C: Evenly arrange and connect the wires properly. D: Install the letter slot panel and measure the effect. E: Final product


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