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What is a SMD LED?
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  • SMD LED, also known as patch LED , is a simple lamp. Its luminous principle is to pass the current through the compound semiconductor, and the excess energy will be released in the form of light through the combination of electrons and holes to achieve the luminous effect.

    What are the advantages of SMD LED? Surface Mount LEDs?

    SMD LED is pasted on the surface of circuit board, suitable for SMT processing and reflow soldering. SMD LED solves the problems of brightness, viewing angle, flatness, reliability and consistency. Compared with other packaging devices, it has the advantages of strong anti vibration ability, low solder joint defect rate and good high-frequency characteristics. It encapsulates more LED chips in a smaller area, Using lighter PCB and reflective layer materials, it shows that the reflective layer needs less epoxy resin to be filled. By removing the heavy carbon steel material pins and reducing the size, the product weight can be easily reduced by half, and the volume and weight are only about 1 / 10 of the traditional plug-in components. After using patch packaging, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40% - 60%, and the weight is reduced by 60% - 80%, Finally, the application becomes more perfect.

  • The in-line LED Chips is encapsulated in the form of potting. The filling and sealing process is to inject liquid epoxy resin into the LED forming cavity, then insert the pressure welded LED support, put it into the oven to cure the epoxy resin, and then separate the LED from the mold cavity to form. Due to the relatively simple manufacturing process and low cost, it has a high market share.

    Where are patch LED applications?surface mounted diode?

    SMD LED is mainly used in lighting system, decoration, electronic equipment indicator, backlight, display, instrument and other fields. In 2009, the reduction in the production of mobile phones and LCD TVs may affect the supply expectation of such components. The package sizes of conventional monochrome SMD LEDs are 1206 (3215), 1004 (2510), 0805 (2012) and 0603 (1608). The minimum size that Chinese manufacturers can provide is 0603 and the thickness is only 0.3mm. Smaller LEDs with size 0402 (1005) are still in trial production. In addition, Chinese suppliers also provide two-color and three-color products with mature technology but low profit, which are mostly used in backlight, devices, household products, consumer electronics and displays. Despite low market demand, manufacturers continue to provide sideview SMD LEDs, including 335 (4008), 020 (3806) and 215 (2810).

    The quality of SMD LED is good? Worthy of recommendation?SMD Component?

    FBelec has stable quality, good consistency, high indication and brightness. It is worth having!SMD LED manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers.


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