What Is Momentary Push Button Switch?
  • FBelec Push-Button Switch has excellent quality and low price. Simply put, the automatic reset button switch is a type of switch that can automatically reset. The reset switch can be cylindrical, square, etc. It is similar in appearance to a regular switch, but has different functions.

    The difference between reset switch and self-locking switch: After pressing the reset switch, release it by hand to return to the initial state; After pressing the self-locking switch, the release of the hand does not respond.

  • The reset switch is similar to the jog switch, strictly speaking, it is also a type of jog switch. However, the difference between the reset switch and the ordinary jog switch is that the selection of the reset switch is longer, and the contact is not a single point, but a stroke.

  • What is push-button switch

    Structure principle of Push-Button Switch

    There are many types of Pushbutton switches, including ordinary button type, mushroom head type, self-locking type, self resetting type, rotary handle type, indicator type, symbol type with light and key type. There are single button, double button, I button and different combination forms. Generally, it adopts ponding structure, which is composed of button cap, return spring, static contact, moving contact and shell. It is usually made into composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open contacts. Some products can increase the number of contacts through the series connection of multiple elements. There is also a self-contained button, which can automatically maintain the closed position after being pressed, and can only be opened after power failure.

    When the button is not pressed, the moving contact is connected with the fixed contact above, which is called normally closed contact. At this time, the moving contact is disconnected from the static contact below. This pair of contacts is called normally open contact: press the button, the normally closed contact is disconnected and the normally open contact is closed. Release the button to restore the original working state under the action of the return spring.

  • Type of FBelec Push-button Switches (push button switch types)

    (1) Protective button: a button with protective shell, which can prevent the internal button parts from mechanical damage or people from touching the live part. Its code is h.

    (2) Dynamic off button: under normal conditions, the switch contact is a button for on.

    (3) Dynamic closing button: under normal conditions, the switch contact is a button that is disconnected.

    (4) Dynamic on-off button: under normal conditions, the switch contact has both on and off buttons.

    (5) Button with light: the button is equipped with signal light, which is not only used to issue operation command, but also used as signal indication, and its code is d.

    (6) Action click button: that is, click the button with the mouse.

    (7) Explosion proof button: a button that can be used in places containing explosive gas and dust without causing explosion. Its code is B.

    (8) Anti corrosion button: it can prevent the invasion of chemical corrosive gas, and its code is f.

    (9) Waterproof button: with sealed shell, it can prevent rainwater intrusion. Its code is s.

    (10) Emergency button: a large red mushroom button head protrudes outside, which can be used as a button to cut off the power supply in case of emergency. Its code is j or m.

    (11) Open button: a button that can be embedded and fixed on the panel of switch board, control cabinet or console. Its code is K.

    (12) Interlocking button: a button with multiple contacts interlocked with each other. Its code is C.

    (13) Knob type button: a button that rotates the operating contact with the handle. It has two positions of on and off. It is generally panel mounted, and its code is X.

    (14) Key button: a button that can be operated by inserting and rotating the key to prevent misoperation or operated by a specially assigned person. Its code is y.

    (15) Self supporting button: a button with self-supporting electromagnetic mechanism in the button, whose code is Z.

    (16) Combined button: a button with multiple button combinations. Its code is e.

  • Selection of momentary push-button switches

    (1) According to different application occasions and specific purposes: select the types of buttons according to the application occasions, such as open type, protective type, waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, etc; Select appropriate forms according to the purpose, such as handle rotary type, key type, emergency type, lamp type, etc. For example, the general buttons on the panel of the console cabinet can be opened first; If it is necessary to display the working status, use the type with indicator light; In very important places, the key type should be selected to prevent misoperation by irrelevant personnel; Anticorrosive type shall be used where there is corrosive l raw gas.

    (2) Select the color of buttons and indicators according to the requirements of working status, instructions and working conditions: green for "start" or "power on" and red for "stop". In addition, the voltage (bulb) of the indicator light is divided into 6.3V, 12V, 24V, etc.

    (3) According to the needs of the control circuit, determine the number of different buttons: such as single button, double button, three button, multi button, etc. For example, when "positive", "negative" and "stop" controls are required, three buttons can be used and installed in the same button box; When only "start" and "stop" control is required, two buttons are assembled in the same button box.


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