The hollow cup motor has broken through the traditional rotor structure of the motor in structure. It adopts the coreless motor , also known as the hollow cup motor .
    This rotor structure completely eliminates the electric energy loss caused by eddy current formed by the iron core, while its weight and moment of inertia are greatly reduced, thus reducing the mechanical energy loss of the rotor itself. Therefore, the hollow cup motor belongs to DC, permanent magnet, servo micro special motor.

    What is DC coreless motor?

    The hollow cup motor is a DC permanent magnet servo and control motor, which can also be classified as a micro special motor. The rotor structure of the traditional motor is broken through in structure, and the coreless rotor, also called hollow cup rotor, is adopted. This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the power loss caused by eddy current formed by the iron core. Because there is no iron loss, its efficiency is higher than that of an ordinary micro DC motor . Its coil is a rotor, which has a small moment of inertia and is easy to control. But without an iron core, the rotor coil can only be made very thin, otherwise the magnetic flux will be lost. Therefore, the power of the hollow cup motor is not large, and the large hollow cup motor can only achieve hundreds of watts.


    What is a coreless motor ? The hollow cup motor is mainly composed of back cover, terminal block, brush end cover, brush, commutator, cup winding (rotor), shaft, washer, sliding bearing, shell, magnet (stator), flange and locating ring. The stator is composed of permanent magnet, shell and flange. The enclosure provides a constant magnetic field, so that the motor has no iron loss. No soft magnetic teeth. The torque generated is uniform, which can make the operation stable even at low speed. At higher speeds, the motor can reduce vibration and noise. Rotor with winding and commutator. The windings are connected to the shaft through a so-called reversing plate. The coil moves in the air gap between the magnet and the housing. The reversing system uses a pair of precious metal brushes to reduce brush sparks. Reduced brush sparks produce less electromagnetic emissions.


    DC Coreless Motor Types

    DC Coreless Motor Types

    The Advantages of FBelec DC Coreless Motors

    1. High power density

    Power density is the ratio of output power to weight or volume. The motor with copper plate coil has small volume and good performance. Compared with the traditional coil, the induction coil of copper plate coil is lighter.
    No winding wire and grooved silicon steel sheet are needed, eliminating eddy current and hysteresis loss generated by them; The eddy current loss of copper plate coil is small and easy to control, which improves the efficiency of the motor and ensures high output torque and power.

    2. High efficiency

    The high efficiency of the motor lies in: there is no eddy current and hysteresis loss caused by winding wires and grooved silicon steel sheets in the copper plate coil mode; In addition, the resistance is small, reducing the copper loss (I ^ 2 * R).

    3. No torque lag

    The copper plate coil mode has no slot silicon steel sheet, no hysteresis loss, and no cogging effect to reduce speed and torque fluctuations.

    4. No alveolar effect

    The copper plate coil mode has no grooved silicon steel sheet, which eliminates the cogging effect of the interaction between the slot and the magnet. The coil is a structure without an iron core. All steel parts either rotate together (e.g., brushless motor) or are all stationary (e.g., brushless motor). The cogging effect and torque hysteresis phenomenon obviously do not exist.

    5. Low starting torque

    No hysteresis loss, no cogging effect, low starting torque. During startup, the bearing load is usually the only obstacle. In this way, the starting wind speed of the wind turbine can be very low.

    6. No radial force between rotor and stator

    Since there is no static silicon steel sheet, there is no radial magnetic force between rotor and stator. This is especially important in critical applications. Because the radial force between rotor and stator will cause rotor instability. Reducing the radial force will improve the stability of the rotor.

    7. Smooth speed curve and low noise

    Silicon steel sheet without slot reduces the harmonic of torque and voltage. At the same time, there is no AC field in the motor, so there is no noise generated by AC. Only the noise generated by bearing and air flow and vibration caused by non sinusoidal current.

    8. High speed brushless coil

    At high speed, small inductance is necessary. The small inductance value makes the starting voltage low. By increasing the number of poles and reducing the thickness of the casing, the smaller inductance value helps to reduce the weight of the motor. At the same time, the power density is improved.

    9. Fast response brush coil

    As the induction value of the brush motor with copper plate coil is low, the response of current to voltage fluctuation is fast. The moment of inertia of the rotor is small, and the response speed of torque and current is equivalent. Therefore, the rotor acceleration is twice that of a conventional motor.

    10. High peak torque

    The ratio of peak torque to continuous torque is large, because when the current rises to the peak value, the torque constant is constant. The linear relationship between current and torque enables the motor to produce larger peak torque. When the traditional motor reaches saturation, no matter how much current is added, the torque of the motor will not increase.

    Recommended Applications for FBelec

    Because the hollow cup motor overcomes the insurmountable technical obstacles of the motor with iron core, and its outstanding characteristics focus on the main performance of the motor, it has a wide range of applications. Especially with the rapid development of industrial technology, higher expectations and requirements are constantly put forward for the servo characteristics of the motor, which makes the hollow cup motor have an irreplaceable position in many applications.

    The application of hollow cup motor has been developed rapidly in the past decade since it entered the large industrial and civil fields from the military and high-tech fields, especially in the industrial developed countries, which has involved most industries and many products.

    1. Servo system requiring quick response. For example, the flying direction of the missile can be adjusted rapidly, the servo control of the high magnification optical drive, fast automatic focusing, highly sensitive recording and detection equipment, industrial robots, bionic artificial limbs, etc., and the hollow cup motor can well meet its technical requirements.

    2. Products requiring stable and durable driving for driving elements. For example, all kinds of portable instruments and meters, personal personal equipment, field operation instruments and equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same group of power supply can extend the power supply time more than twice.

    3. All kinds of aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aircraft model, etc. The hollow cup motor has the advantages of light weight, small volume and low energy consumption, which can minimize the weight of the aircraft.

    4. All kinds of civil appliances and industrial products. Using hollow cup motor as the actuating element can improve the product grade and performance.

    5. Taking advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency, it is also used as a generator; Using its linear operation characteristics, it is also used as a tachogenerator; With reducer, it can also be used as torque motor.

    With the progress of industrial technology, the strict technical conditions of various mechanical and electrical equipment put forward higher and higher technical requirements for servo motors.

    At the same time, the application scope of hollow cup motors has completely separated from the limitations of high-end products, and is rapidly expanding the application scope of low-end products such as general civil use, so as to widely improve product quality.

    Coreless DC Motor

    Factory Quality

    FBelec specializes in the production of hollow cup (with brush and without brush) hollow motor+planetary reducer+encoder Φ 16mm, 20.5mm, 22mm, 24.5mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 36mm, 45mm, 65mm Hollow cup motor recommends suitable customized parameters for feasibility verification according to the actual use needs of customers; For mass production to provide cost-effective hollow cup motor product solutions