Micro switches

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    FBelec has been focusing on the R&D and production of microswitches for 25 years. With stable performance and affordable prices, it has sold well all over the world and won high praise from customers! High quality micro switches have long service life, complete varieties and specifications, can be customized for customers, and understand customer needs better

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    80,000,000+ pieces production in 2022

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    A strong R&D team with 25 years of production and sales experience, several international patents, 3 famous brands

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    FBelec microswitch usually adopts the basic mode without auxiliary pressing accessories, and has derived a small program and a large program. Due to the special structure and process measures, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, long service life, high reliability and convenient installation, so it is widely used in various electronic products. As required, different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added, which can be customized.


    After a series of improvements, FBelec microswitch has formed many functions, such as waterproof, acid proof and anti-corrosion. Compared with traditional switches, microswitch can be adapted according to our actual application scenarios, so that our equipment can have more added value. Another core advantage of microswitch is that its internal structure is very compact, and the force between contacts can be carried out quickly, so it can realize very sensitive operation. For some household appliances with high sensitivity requirements, microswitch is almost a necessary part.

    Basic Technical Concepts

    Our microswitches are high-precision, snap-action switches and these are the main features for which they are notable:

    › Fast and reliable switching largely independent of actuating speed

    › High electrical ratings but small dimensions

    › High repeat accuracy of switching points and forces

    › Low operating force

    › Short pre-travel but large overtravel

    › Very long service life

    › Extensive range of connections, fixing means and actuators for easy adaptation to numerous applications

    Designed for your applications

    100 years of customization, adaptation & co-design expertise at your service

    To meet market expectations and provide customers with the right solutions within the shortest time-frames, Crouzet has structured its processes around the different types of products available:

    1. Standard products

    2. Simple adaptations

    3. Customization

    4. Co-design

    Design LAB

    The advantages of microswitch depend on its compact internal structure, fine clearance between contacts, fast transmission of interaction force, fast action, and realization of the overall goal of high sensitivity. At the same time, it has a long service life and high reliability. In other words, the switch can not only quickly reflect the completion of the switch action, but also has a long service life, promoting that the equipment in the middle and later stages is not easy to maintain or replace in a short time.