Which Dip Switch Supplier is the Best in China
  • The DIP switch was originally developed by Japan's OMRON, also known as DIP switch , overclocking switch, address switch, digital switch , DIP switch, is an address switch used for operation control, in layman's terms It is a miniature switch that can be toggled by hand, and it mainly uses the binary coding principle of 0/1.

  • There are many models of DIP switches. According to the pin position, there are direct plug-in (DIP) and patch type (SMD), and according to the way of dialing, there are flat dial and side dial. According to the foot spacing, there are 2.54 The distance between mm and 1.27mm is divided into black, red and blue according to the color. According to the state, there are two-state and three-state points. According to the number of digits, it is usually 11 digits such as 1-10 digits, 12 digits, etc.

    As a micro switch that requires manual operation, the DIP switch is widely used in many equipment products such as communication and security. There are two pins on the top and bottom of the back corresponding to each key of the DIP switch. If it is dialed to the ON side, the two pins below are connected; otherwise, it is disconnected. These four keys are independent and unrelated to each other.

  • FBelec is a modern enterprise specializing in R&D and production of various DIP switch products, integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's main products: DIP switch DS flat dial in-line series, DP key type (side dial) in-line series, DA flat-diale bent foot in-line series, DI, DM in-line, SMD series and other DIP switches series. The products sell well in many domestic and overseas regions, providing excellent products and services for industrial automation, instrumentation, elevators, electric power, rail transit, new energy, lighting, communications, power supply, security and other industries. FBelec adheres to the enterprise spirit of quality first, integrity-based, pragmatic innovation, and win-win cooperation to provide customers with better, faster, more comprehensive and professional services.

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