What is a heat shrinkable tube?
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  • Heat shrinkable tube is a special polyolefin heat shrinkable sleeve. The outer layer is made of high-quality and soft cross-linked polyolefin material and inner hot melt adhesive. The outer material has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion prevention and wear resistance, and the inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof sealing and high adhesion, heat shrink tube , heat shrinkable tubing .

    Performance: it has the functions of high temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation and anti-corrosion. It is widely used in insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints and inductors, rust prevention and corrosion prevention of metal pipes and rods, etc. Voltage class: 600V.

    Polymer materials go through glassy high elastic state with the temperature from low to high. The performance in glassy state is close to plastic and that in high elastic state is close to rubber.

    The material used in the heat shrinkable tube is glassy at room temperature and becomes highly elastic after heating.

    Use: during production, heat the heat shrinkable tube to a high elastic state, apply a load to expand it, and quickly cool it under the condition of maintaining expansion to make it enter the glass state. This state is fixed. When in use, it will return to the high elastic state as soon as it is heated, but when the load is gone, it will retract.

    Shrinkage ratio: 2:1
    Shrinkage temperature: 84 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
    Operating temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
    Fire rating: VW-1

  • PE heat shrinkable pipe diameter 15 environmental protection flame retardant heat shrinkable sleeve 100M/reel

    Classification of heat shrinkable tubes: PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

    PVC heat shrinkable sleeve has the special function of shrinking in case of heat. It can shrink when heated above 98 ℃, which is convenient to use. According to the temperature resistance, the products are divided into two series: 85 ℃ and 105 ℃, with different specifications Φ 2- Φ 200. The product complies with EU ROHS environmental protection directive. Used for electrolytic capacitors and inductors. The product has good high temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage. It can be printed instead. It is used for single and combined packaging of various rechargeable batteries, and can design and print drawings on behalf of customers, and can be cut on behalf of customers. It is used for covering various curtain rods, shower curtain rods, hanging rods, mop rods, broom handles, tool rods, telescopic rods, garden tools, stay rods and other tubular articles. It can also be used for identification, insulation and cladding of low-voltage indoor bus copper bar, connector and harness. High efficiency, less equipment investment and low comprehensive cost. It is a new generation of packaging materials for lighting, led pin coating, guitar and packaging bottle mouth packaging. Whether it is civil, automotive or military, it is the best choice.

    Pet heat shrinkable tube

    Pet heat shrinkable tube (polyester heat shrinkable tube) greatly exceeds PVC heat shrinkable sleeve in terms of heat resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical properties. More importantly, pet heat shrinkable sleeve is non-toxic, easy to recycle, has no toxic impact on human body and environment, and is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

    The environmental protection performance of pet heat shrinkable tube is higher than the EU ROHS directive standard and can reach the Sony SS-00259 environmental protection standard. It does not contain cadmium (CD), lead (PB), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBBEs / PBDEs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT), polychlorinated naphthalene (PCN) and other grade 1 prohibited substances for environmental management. It is the outsourcing of electrolytic capacitors, inductors and other electronic components, high-grade rechargeable batteries, toys and medical devices, It can fully meet the export requirements.

    Rubber containing heat shrinkable tube

    The rubber containing double wall heat shrinkable casing is made of high-quality polyolefin alloy on the outer layer and hot melt adhesive on the inner layer. The product is formed by irradiation, crosslinking and continuous expansion of electron accelerator. The outer layer has the advantages of softness, low temperature shrinkage, insulation, anti-corrosion and wear resistance. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, good adhesion, waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffering. It is widely used in connection waterproof and air leakage prevention of electronic equipment, sealing waterproof of multi strand harness (such as home wire harness, automobile harness, etc.), sealing waterproof of wire and cable branches, anti-corrosion protection of metal pipelines, repair of wires and cables, wiring waterproof of water pumps and submersible pumps, etc.

    Double wall heat shrinkable casing is produced by polyolefin halogen-free flame retardant material and hot melt adhesive double-layer coextrusion process. The outer layer is polyolefin, which has the characteristics of insulation, halogen-free flame retardant and low temperature shrinkage. The inner layer is hot melt adhesive, which has the advantages of low melting point, good adhesion, waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffer.

  • Black heat shrinkable tube, 12mm diameter, environmental protection flame retardant heat shrinkable sleeve, 100M /reel

    Function configuration

    1. Function and application: wear-resistant, air leakage proof, sealing and waterproof of multi strand harness, anti-corrosion protection, anti UV.

    2. Application fields: electronic equipment, home appliance harness, automobile harness, wire and cable, metal pipeline, wiring waterproof of water pump and submersible pump, etc.

    3. Identification function: it can integrate line insulation and line identification by typing identification through line numbering machine, heat shrinkable tube printer and other equipment.

    Technical parameters
    Shrinkage ratio: 3:1, 4:1

    Shrinkage temperature: initial 70 ℃, minimum complete shrinkage 125 ℃
    Operating temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃
    Specification: 3.2mm ~ 125mm
    Certification: RoHS, UL.
    Standard color: Black (other colors can be provided according to customer requirements)
    Use tools: heat with oven and hot-air gun to shrink.


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