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The Characteristics and Principle of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Nowadays, both the catering industry and the manufacturing industry have successively used ultrasonic cleaning machines as special tools for daily cleaning. In fact, we also have many applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines in our daily life, such as cleaning machines in glasses shops and jewelry stores , and small household cleaning machines. machine etc. So what is the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaner? FBelec will take you to find out.

  • Before analyzing the cleaning effect, what are the characteristics of the ultrasonic cleaner ?

    "Principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology" refers to the use of the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves to remove the dirt on the surface of the article to achieve a certain cleaning purpose. The cavitation effect has also been combed with you in detail before. In simple terms, it is the use of ultrasonic energy to generate cavitation bubbles in the liquid, and countless bubbles are quickly cracked to clean the surface of the object.

    Use the cavitation effect to make cleaning cleaner and faster, especially for some cleaning problems such as buried holes, geometric bodies or dead corners, ultrasonic cleaners can be used to get good cleaning results.

    Ultrasonic cleaning machines generally use two cleaning agents, one is a chemical cleaning agent and the other is a water-based cleaning agent. The cleaning substance is a chemical effect, and the ultrasonic wave is based on a physical effect. The combination of the two can fully clean the object, whether it is residual dirt or organic chemical residues in the processing plant.

    The ultrasonic cleaner machine has the difference between low frequency and high frequency. The two frequencies achieve the cleaning effect for different sizes of dirt particles. Because the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed will be. However, if the object is clean and precise, long-term high-power cleaning will cause "cavitation" erosion on the surface of the object. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves is better at 40℃-50℃, and the higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the more obvious the effect will be. But over 70 ℃, the effect of ultrasonic cleaning will be reduced.

  • All in all, the good effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is due to the proper use of the physical and chemical combination, as well as the selection of frequency and the control of temperature.

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