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The Application of Piezo Atomizer

  • The service life of the Ultrasonic Humidifier Ceramic Atomizer is about 3000 hours, and it is very easy to replace. Its service life is also related to the quality of the water. If scale is deposited on the atomizer, please clean it with a soft cloth. According to different water quality and purpose of use, different piezoelectric ultrasonic atomizer can be selected, such as stainless steel-covered atomizing sheets in areas with hard water quality, and glass-glazed ultrasonic atomizer for acid-resistant environments. The carburetor has the function of automatic water cut-off protection. When the water level is lower than the water level switch, the carburetor will automatically stop working. When the atomizer is working, please do not put your hand on the top of the atomizer, because of the high frequency vibration, the hand will feel tingling, but this is not an electric shock or leakage. The general household humidifier atomizer is a positive feedback resonant circuit formed by the atomizer and BU406, capacitors and resistors, and the voltage-controlled output resonant power can be adjusted between 28V-50V DC voltage to control the size of the atomization.

  • The first thing to introduce is the micro-porous Nebulizer Atomizers . The micro-porous Piezo ultrasonic micro hole atomizer is divided into 13.8mm, 16mm and 20mm, and there are also strip lines and no belts. To be more careful, the shape of the ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric transducer is like a coin- Of course, they have different sizes, so why are they called microporous atomizing tablets? In fact, the reason is very simple, because this product can produce 200 tiny holes invisibly, which is very sacred. Of course, it is the naked eye. If you can't see it, how does it generate fog? Let me break it down one by one for everyone. The atomizer uses the principle of ultrasound to turn water into tiny water droplets, thereby producing mist. The spray principle of the microporous atomizer is that you only need to connect it to the electricity and then put the atomizer into the water, of course not. Put the entire atomizing sheet in, you only need to put the Piezo Ceramic Mesh Atomizer on the water surface. The mist on the surface will pass through the 200 small holes to produce it, so that the indoor air can become no longer dry immediately. The material is made of glass glaze, bright and beautiful, with strong alkali resistance, acid resistance and other effects. Mainly used in hotel potted plants, household humidifiers, medical equipment and other fields.

  • FBelec focuses on the research and development, production and sales of atomizing tablets, Ultrasonic humidifier and related products of atomizing tablets, with an annual production capacity of over 4 million units, and has now become a supplier of core accessories and ultrasonic atomization solutions. FBelec welcomes your consultation.




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